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Another adidas NMD Restock is Happening Tomorrow

adidas NMD Restock July 8th

With the hype of the adidas NMD at it’s fullest, many individuals have missed out on some of the more popular color themes. If you are one of those people, then we have good news for you. adidas Originals official Twitter account has announced a restock is happening tomorrow, July 8th.

The unfortunate part about this restock is, the actual color schemes and models available is unknown. adidas did not clarify, but they did clear up one rumor that the OG adidas NMD restocking, which is not happening. At least for tomorrow.

More news about the adidas NMD restock which may have some of our readers upset, the restock is will be an exclusive to Europe. Granted, there may be a stateside restock in the coming weeks but it isn’t known as of now.

Below you can check out the interactions between the adidas Originals Twitter account and their follows. In addition, you may want to give them a follow as well.

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