500,000 Pairs of Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue Were Sold

We knew there was tons of hype for the Legend Blue Air Jordan 11s that released last weekend, but according to one source roughly 500,000 pairs were sold. The “source” is none other than Matthew Kish from SportsScanInfo.

We previously wrote an article about the Legend Blue Air Jordan 11s not being limited, and without a doubt, we were right. Jordan Brand knew this release was by far the most popular of the year, and if they follow suit of last years Air Jordan 11 release, expect a couple of restocks.

Jordan Brand also made about $80,000,000 worth of sales from GS and adult sizes of the sneakers.

This shouldn’t take away from the history of the shoes nor the attraction from them, but just use this as food for thought if you didn’t cop them and still want to grab a size.

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