Nike LeBron 12 – More Images

Nike LeBron 12 – More Images


Nike LeBron 12 - More Images

Over the weekend more images of the Nike LeBron 12 leaked online which is good for us since we are not sharing them with you.

When images first released of what people were calling the LeBron 12, many questioned their authenticity or if this was the real model releasing. Some thought this was just another basketball shoe coming next year but an image of the insole shows the LeBron logo along with “The Twelve” stamped.

We hope Nike makes the right changes to allow the LeBron 12 to be more “on-court friendly”. As you may recall LeBron did not like wearing the 11 and usually laced up the Soldier 7.

What are your thoughts on the Nike LeBron 12?

Nike LeBron 12 - More Images

Nike LeBron 12 - More Images

Nike LeBron 12 - More Images

Nike LeBron 12 - More Images

Nike LeBron 12 - More Images

Nike LeBron 12 - More Images

Source: bilskii & suppliedpdx

  • Dwight Smith

    They look bad a

  • Rose Johnson

    Tyler Buskey

  • Donte D Smalls

    Jyaire Hinson

  • Michael Brown


  • Beyonka Vs QueenBee


  • Anthony Skaff

    Johan GunterbergChristopher Martland Ristic fy fan va slarviga

  • Jason Costa


  • MayaMe Heat Pa Rin


  • Jose L Contreras

    The era of nice looking lebron stopped at the 10

  • Nate Cabeceiras

    Too much goin on..lebrons been fuxked since the 10s

  • Eric Moore


  • Jayme Patterson

    Love the color even like the shoe for the most part but they kill it with all that gray plastic looking mess.

  • Joel Fernandez

    Janice Fernandez

  • Hector Jimenez


  • Justin Aycock

    I don’t believe those are legit

  • Arthur Castillo

    Christian Magday Baua Rizaldy Dayto Noriel Javier

  • Jonah Guy

    Liljm Carter

  • Jeff Dupree


  • Kolby Kester

    Kalen Kester

  • Alexandre San

    Horrific design, smh all the way???.

  • Elio Cruz

    Lebron 12…downloading design… … …65% completed …. stopped….Error… printing.

  • Lamont Christy Jr.

    Mark Wesley

  • Brian Tolentino

    from bad to f’n worse

  • Seth Hirsch

    The bottoms look delicious.

  • David Zhang

    the 11’s look nice just not the elites

  • David Zhang

    I bet my life that because this is LeBrons shoe the price is $300+

  • Joshua Smith

    Justin Calderon they ugly af ain’t getting those

  • Julio Valdez

    I’m not feeling itPriscilla MartinezJonathan Vargas

  • Priscilla Martinez

    Julio Valdez I don’t see the hype

  • MichaelErnestCranmer

    AWESOME!!! I MIGHT COP When I Move to The Los Angeles Area!!! Will Wear Them to Disneyland!!! :)

  • Jamika Murphy

    Tom Birch

  • Jeff Jeff C

    .Aa. !

  • Duane Martin

    Nike should stop making shoes for this guy if this is the best they can do. Kanye is available.

  • Alex Garcia

    Maby just to ball in but not for caaual wear

  • Terrence T Wade Sanks

    Nike Falling Off

  • Jordyn Cubban

    Warren Faalogo

  • Adam Ortiz

    Not feeling this color way, maybe another color way…

  • Carlo Narcelles

    Looks like football cleats

  • Christian R Connelly Huston

    Maybe if they put the full length air bag or like the 9 bottom this would be nice but this stupid clown shoe air zoom shit sole is jacking the whole thing up.

  • Lester Brown


  • Tyrone Smith

    Them how’s ugly as hell but u know a nigga is going to buy them because they are lebron’s real talk…….

  • Johnny Ball

    All these people talking trash are the same people that hated on the Kobe 9, and look at how well those are doing. I like these, and as long as they aren’t more than the 11s, I’ll get a few.

  • Frederik Enevoldsen

    Jannick Fjord de er DOPE AS F!!!!

  • Alfredo Vasylievich

    Enrique Robledo

  • Vinny Delia


  • Alco Henfield

    That look like nice how does his shoes keep lookin better every year

  • Ato Keyser Söze Campbell

    Can they help him win?

  • John Paulus

    Chase Phelps Abe Martin Kellen Ireland