Nick Young Is Done with Jordan Brand Footwear

Nick Young Is Done with Jordan Brand Footwear



David Stern has issued an ultimatum to the NBA Players Union for players to accept the owners’ desired BRI split by the end of Wednesday. One of the hardline owners who have pushed for a BRI split very unfavorable for the current players is none other than #23, Michael Jordan. Paul George of the Indiana Pacers labeled MJ as a “hypocrite”, but Nick Young of the Washington Wizards expressed his disgust and disappointment with Michael Jordan in a unique way. Nick Young declared on Twitter that he is officially done with wearing Jordan Brand sneakers on and off the court. Nick Young always heavily preferred to wear the Nike Zoom Kobe line on the court, but like many Nike signed players, Nick Young had the freedom to wear non Nike sneakers including retro Jordans. Do you approve or disapprove of Nick Young’s decision?


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  1. What if the owner of the Wizards feels the same way as Jordan, is he gonna ask to get traded? He needs to remember MJ is an owner and he has the best interest of his team in mind. Even when Jordan was a player he sacarificed some of the money he couldve made in order to achieve team goals, namely, championships. I dont think some of these players know the meaning of the word hypocrite or else they would know that that description doesnt apply in this situation.

    • Agreed. Not to mention, allowing his and other mega superstars’ salaries to be “capped,” for the financial betterment of mid-level, veterans, sub-superstar, but very good players on their second and third contracts.

      Nobody comes to see 8th, 9th, man off the bench, in most cases; yet their making $2-4 million dollars a year to basically ride the pine. Thanks the sacrifices the ’99 NBA players made.

  2. if your boss came to you and said we have to cut your pay from lets say 20 and hr to 11 an hr just so they could make more money would you just say ok and take it ? its the same thing when it comes to players coming down from 57% to 50%

    • Actually the owners are coming to the player saying lets cut your pay from $20 to around $18.60, thats what 7% amounts to. But the owners are actually saying they want to cut the players pay by that much because the owners say they arent making any money and if they dont make cuts then everybody will lose their job,players and owners included

  3. well everyone is wrong and right in mikes time they did not make nore were they given as much money as they are now, and that is thanks to the micheal jordans and all those players that had way more talent then these people now and got payed way less but they did it for the love of the game. Am not saying either side is wrong or right am saying that these players earned everything they asking for and the owners know it, but stern is acting like a task master those days are over diffrence between micheal time and the issue now those playes took less but am sure if they demanded more and wasn’t given it they would of done the exact same thing after all we are talking about micheal jordan

    • mike took 30 mil at the end of his last 2 seasons with the bulls. i feel like mike jordan is just bitter about these young kids being able to make massive amounts of money. i dont care for none of it…although people getting payed millions upon millions is just silly….if my company is making billions of dollars in revenue from my hard work on or off the court then id expect a kickback from the man above. if not…im goin on strike. which is why they are doing that. i dont understand why tickets cost so much…look at football..i gotta pay out my ass for a seat just to watch them play. that sh cray

      • He did take 30 mil at the end of his career, but that barely made up for what he didnt make during his career. He signed long term contracts early and didnt get the big payout he deserved. It was because of him that the bulls are the organization that they are today. Theyve been selling out tickets even after he retired when they had losing records. You dont see that too often. With that being said, they should make it more fan affordable. Owners and players are making way too much money while the average person cant afford to take their family to a game.

  4. Dude is only hurting himself. I mean if he prefers to wear some whack KB’s as opposed to some elephant print then its his loss. The only statement he’s making is that he makes poor decisions.

  5. I don’t see the big deak they make enough money anyway if you’re a good enough player you will get the money you deserve and a bunch of endorsements and maybe a shoe line to go with it.

  6. The season is inches away from being cancelled, he can show support for his fellow players in any way he wants. NBA players, on average are the highest paid athletes in America. The NBA is the 3rd most popular sport in America (TV ratings etc.), and dropping. The players won the last battle with the previous CBA. They are going to lose this one. Going to a Pistons game last year was an embarrasment, with empty seats and lazy, bored, unenthusiastic, overpaid (Rip, Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva) players. I for one can see the owners point of view. Let the hate toward me begin!….