Air Jordan XII (12) GS – Black / Varsity Purple

Air Jordan XII (12) GS – Black / Varsity Purple


Air Jordan XII (12) GS - Black / Varsity Purple

With the recent retroes of the Air Jordan XII (12) such as the Flu Games, it’s about time Jordan Brand thought of some new ideas for the iconic shoe. The Air Jordan XII GS comes in a black/varsity purple colorway. This black base shoe uses a black nubuck upper and clear patent toe. The only other contrasts to the black shoe are the ones that matter the most: the purple and teal accents. The outsole sports varsity purple to match the inner lining and Jordan tongue tag. Teal is added to the back Jordan tab, along with accents on the outsole. This iconic combination of colors gives this shoe a classic edge that makes us say “grapes.” It’s available now before its out online for your kids to enjoy.
Air Jordan XII (12) GS - Black / Varsity Purple

Air Jordan XII (12) GS - Black / Varsity Purple


  1. THats soooooooo wack!!!! GS!!!..what da hell????..that is a fly ass color only for kids?…i am about to get really pissed at @ JB fo real!!!..

  2. …sad that these arent releasing n mens sizes but ohh well…ima cop em for someone, ima hav someone lookin fresh n em…

  3. I fuckin love these 12s realtalk it would be better if they would come out in adult size that would b really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,reallyreally nice 🙂

  4. IM heated….i wear 11.5 what am i gona dooooooooo!!!!!!;(

    jam my foot in it and develope corns…thanks JB

  5. all yall some fuccin groupies!!!!!!they jus some muthafuccin shoes!!!!!!!!im gettin them!!!!!!!!!hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah *so conceited*

  6. lmfao im soo happy dat yu quyz finally dnt qet ta shine an leave it up ta da ladies. .

    hehe me & da bestie qOne rOck dese asap.! lOl daz quddie fa alll yal wit biq Ompa lOmpa feet