Air Jordan XI (11) Retro ‘Concord’ – A Closer Look

Air Jordan XI (11) Retro ‘Concord’ – A Closer Look


New detailed images of this year’s Air Jordan XI ‘Concord’ have hit the net.

There has been much speculation with all of the early released pairs surfacing, milky toe cap or clear. The official release version will in fact have the ‘milky toe’ much like last year’s ‘Cool Grey’ & this year’s White/ Black- Metallic Silver Low IE.

Take a look at the new set of images and let us know what you think.



  1. The hype of j’s is out of hand I copped these in 2000 from foot action with little to no hype and the line was nothing crazy. Now fools who were barely born when mj was playing in these are hyped and aren’t even fans of mj’s game they just want to be a follower so they dont feel left out by not having them.

    • back in the day you didnt have to be a fan of Mj’s to wear jordans, and you didnt have to watch Mj’s games to wear jordans. Bottom line is jordans are more of a fashion statement than basketball shoes.

  2. @ mo I know right? I bet the people who are copping these and AJ III “Black Cements” are f***** people who just want to look cool and fit in A.K.A. Hypebeasts SMFH! Besides the shoe game is f***** up anyways lol. Sneakernews shouldn’t have never revealed those shoe sites. Now, approx. 45 out of 150+ have been revealed SMFH! Now, I bet the f***** shoe game is gonna be run by hypebeasts & resellers SMFH! -_____________-

  3. These are ill as sh** son. Definitely gotta cop and personally I dont care either way what happens with all of the hypebeasts and sh** cause to me j’s are all about representing your love for the game of basketball and its greatest player so it doesnt matter if theres all these hypebeasts out there cause if it means enough to you to have these kicks then youll find a way to be one of the first ppl in line to make sure you get yours. Sad truth is this sh*** is also a business so theres gonna be resellers out there in large numbers but complainin about them isnt gonna make a difference