Air Jordan 4 (IV) Black Cement 2012 Retro – Epic Look

Air Jordan 4 (IV) Black Cement 2012 Retro – Epic Look


Air Jordan 4 (IV) Black Cement 2012 Retro Epic Look

Making its triumphant return later this year is the classic Black/Cement Grey-Fire Red colorway of the Air Jordan 4.

Designed by Tinker Hatfield and originally released in 1989, the kicks were immortalized with “The Shot” – Michael Jordan’s buzzer beating jumper over Craig Ehlo in game 5 of the Chicago Bulls’ first round NBA Playoff series against the Cleveland Cavaliers, thus sending the Bulls into the second round and solidifying Jordan’s status as a clutch performer.

Draped in black nubuck, the 2012 retro release of the Jordan 4 Black Cement retains its iconic look with black wings and a matching heel tab, a contrasting white rubber midsole and an outsole the utilizes grey, red and white. Additional red accents appear on the tongue and outsole Jumpman logos and tongue lining while Cement Grey hits the lining, eyestay, tongue “Flight” branding and heel Jumpman.

Set to retail for $160 and complete with retro hangtag and packaging, the “Black/Cement” Air Jordan 4 returns to retailers later this year and is available early from KickSole.

Air Jordan 4 (IV) Black Cement 2012 Retro Epic Look

Air Jordan 4 (IV) Black Cement 2012 Retro Epic Look

Air Jordan 4 (IV) Black Cement 2012 Retro Epic Look

Air Jordan 4 (IV) Black Cement 2012 Retro Epic Look

Air Jordan 4 (IV) Black Cement 2012 Retro Epic Look

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  1. They never did on the back tab well atleast the cdp 4’s dont mines are in good condition and I would love a fresh pair but the nubuck might make me pass idk why jb is changing all there suede kicks to nubuck

    • the quality is changed because machines make the shoes now they arent hand made anymore and the cost of material is higher so they use a cheaper material i dont understand people they find something different to complain about every year nike stopped the sweatshops overseas an the quality was changed so you guys have got to choose between humanism or high quality shoes just my thought

  2. Wow….. people are still complaining/talking about quality in 2012! Why is this even discussed? I mean haven’t we all debated that this is the NORM going forward? Correct me if I’m mistaken, but wasn’t it like 04/05 we (sneaker community) started noticing this tragic free fall? I just don’t get why every release or “EARLY EPIC” pic display, there’s always the same few that voice the same complaint over and over and over AGAIN!

    Oh well, you minus well ask for “NIKE AIR” too while you’re at it!

    • There’s nothing wrong with the quality of these but just bc its the norm for you don’t mean people can’t state the obvious maybe jb will catch wind 1 day

  3. You are some fucking idiots. It was always nubuck. Why do you people get on here talking about shoes and know nothing about them.

  4. Ya know its hella funny how some of u wanna call others morons when in fact ur a@$ is wrong too!! If you say u know what the hell ur talking about then u would know that ALL black based Js that were not leather were previously actually DURABUCK, not suede and not nubuck!! Nubuck was used on the “nubuck 12’s” and durabuck was used on the ’99 4’s, ’06 metallic 5’s and cdp 4’s for example. So if u wanna try and call someone out and disrespect them by calling them this and that, try to at least have some damn correct info. Smdh

  5. I just ordered my pair from for $300 as recommended on the blog up top. I know it’s too late but can anyone tell me, is Legit or Fraudulent?

    • Why couldnt you just wait ? there will be pairs for everyone 😉

      if you got problems with quality , dont buy. Be some real men and stop standing nike policy

      … but yeah i forgot, you guys just some addicts hu loool . nike got your brain off I guess..

  6. i bought my husband his 5 th pair of jordans in march 2012 the bottom of the sole is now comin off he only wears them to the gym to work out.weve never had this problem before thats all i buy my husband and my 4 sons the shoes costed 109.00 u think they would have lasted more that 5 months esp.when he only wears them to the gym…very disatisfied w these shoes……