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Video: Moskva River Runners Make “We Run” Art Using Nike+ Running App

Celebrating the up-and-coming running culture in Moscow, members of the city’s Moskva River Runners running club are sharing their favorite routes using the Nike+ Running app’s GPS function.

The runners captured 5K routes throughout the city center using GPS. When combined on a map, the routes form the message “We Run.”

In a video highlighting to the project, renowned musician Roman Litvinov (Mujuice), streetwear designer Alexander “Powet” Selivanov, Nike+ running club co-creator Alexandra Boyarskaya, bassist Denis Agafonov from the band Pompeya, and graphic designer Sergey Rancev each share their running insights and inspiration.

“I don’t compete with anyone and don’t care who is in front of me and who is behind,” says Roman Litvinov (Mujuice). “Your only competitor is you.”

“I overcame a lot of internal barriers preventing me from running, and now I’m helping others to do the same,” says Alexandra Boyarskaya. “For me running is a way to make myself and the world around me a little bit better.”

Moskva River Runners is a small club organized by creative professionals connecting a small community of friends who like to get together twice a week to talk, have fun and run along the river of their beloved city. Club members joined thousands of other runners at the Nike We Run Moscow 10K race last weekend.

About Nike+ Running
Nike+ allows you to track, share and compare the results of your workouts. Nike + is the world’s biggest running community counting more than 8.5 million members. Athletes can choose an suitable device, including a free Nike+ App for iOS & Android, Nike+ SportWatch GPS (powered by Tom Tom), Nike+ Sportband.

About We Run 2012
We Run Moscow is part of Nike’s We Run 2012 race series, which is bringing together 395,500 runners in 32 countries around the world this season. The 2012 series aims to inspire, support and connect runners around the world with innovative Nike+ technology. Learn more about We Run 2012 at NikeInc.com.

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