Top Slam Dunk Contest Trendsetters - Vince Carter (#7)

Upon being traded to the Toronto Raptors by way of a draft day trade with the Golden State Warriors, the freakishly athletic Vince Carter drew several comparisons to one Michael Jordan. Both were former members of the Tobacco Road fraternity, both stood 6’6”, and both had an undeviating sense of confident braggadocio on-court. Oh, VC and MJ had hops, too. So it was only natural that Carter, the ex-Tar Heel, entered the NBA All-Star Dunk Contest (presented by Sprite). Just like his self-confident progenitor, history would be made when he prepared for liftoff that fateful night.

Peep our top ten list of the Top 10 Slam Dunk Contest Trendsetters (presented by Sprite).

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Top Slam Dunk Contest Trendsetters - Vince Carter (#7)

With an array of above-the-rim delights, Carter confidently crushed the competition in the 2000 NBA All-Star Contest in Oakland, California. Vincent opened things up with an authoritative 360 Windmill and enticed crowds with the “cookie jar” (A bong that involved VC’s elbow fully entering the goal.) and a between-the-legs bounce dunk. That same year, Mr. Carter made French toast out of 7’2” French National Team Member Frederic Weiss, jumping over his head, and knocking one down! Hoops aficionados around the world wondered—what does the Raptors forward have force next? Unfortunately, his jumping career was slowed down by a string of nasty knee injuries, and he was never quite able to recapture the aerial glory he experienced in the 2000 Dunk Contest (presented by Sprite).

Top Slam Dunk Contest Trendsetters - Vince Carter (#7)

It’s important to note that Carter was wearing a white/red version of the AND1 Tai Chi Mid. The holistic shoe was inspired by the Chinese principle of Yin and Yang. The model featured a white premium leather lateral side and rich, luxurious suede medial flank. This incongruous half-and-half application looked extremely appetizing when Vince flew to the rim for a gravity-shattering slam. Read more about our Top 10 Slam Dunk Contest Trendsetters (presented by Sprite).

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  1. Hold up sneakerfiles. You guys just killed the entire list. Vince Carter at number seven?!?! I seriously think he shouldve been top three. Top five easily. I hope you won't have cats like kenny skywalker ahead of him. Please explain how he didn't totally crash the 2000 dunk contest and change the way we looked at future and past contests…

  2. Remember when MJ trashed VC for not playing defense? So much for "fraternities"! However, it was and still is a reasonably true statement.

  3. I agree why isn't vc in da top three or five da only other people would be spud webb doc jay and of course mj

  4. Best Dunk contest performance ever. Period. Better than M.J., Wilkins, and Dr.J. Neither of them were capable of this. Amazing

  5. yo who ever is makin this list

    def should get fired at this point

    wat the hell r u smokin VC at 7?

    seriously top 5 def but 7 come on respect the man

    MJ did one great dunk n thaz it

    VC did a couple end of story

  6. Young heads! VC wouldn't be VC without MJ! Just like MJ wouldn't be MJ without Doc, just like…

    Aw, forget it.

    Still, VC is probably top five here.





  7. This is ridiculous. I aint no carolina fan or a Vince Carter fan. But 7??????…. Please…. Top three easy

  8. The best part of the entire contest was Jason kidd's reaction after Carter put his arm through the rim. Classic!

  9. look i agree VC should be higher then 7 but you guys are forgetting about alot of other great dunkers lik j-rich, and wat about spud and nate ?????


  11. Hey everyone,

    The list has little to do with who's the best dunker of all time. Rather, it's comprised of those who set long-lasting trends and inspired others do something special in the Dunk Contest.

    Without question, VC is a top 5 dunker of all-time, but there are others (forthcoming on our list) that have defined or reinvigorated the art of the bong.



  12. he is the man One of my all time favorite ballers.

    He is one of the best dunkers

    I think he can only be the one you can put it between the legs twice

  13. Do you guys understand the whole point of the list it's to show the players by which one changed the Slam Dunk competiton the best, if it were by who is the best dunker most likely VC would be in the top 5 or 10 it all depends on how the list is going.

  14. VC #7 are u High??????? Vince Carter, arguably the best dunker OF ALL TIMES he inveted the honey dip, revolutionised the 360 and Through Da LEgs and #7? ahhahahahahhahahahahha wow

  15. dominique sucked all he did was windmill

    over n over n over n over n over n over again

    HE shud be like number 7 or 8

  16. Jeremy Ripley, no disrespect, but you probably couldnt even touch the net!! That was a lame comment. When i think of VC, i dont think about the raptors career or the nets. The only thing i can picture is him dunkin' over that poor guy in the olympics and that sick dunk contest. My jaw was on the floor from start to finish. After several worthless dunk conest, VC brought power, precision and creativity back! give the man his props!! if he is #7, you need to quit hanging out with michael phelps! BREAK YO'SELF FOOL!!!

  17. sf yall have messed up the whole list now vc is top three. he bring back the dunk contest. yall trippin on this one

  18. WTH happened here? Why is Half Man/ Half-Amazing in the 7th place? And i would just like to add that he jumped on the 7"2' (correct me if i'm wrong) Weis… 7th place? Who's ahead of him other than Nique and Jordan? Justice is not served. Step your game up…

  19. I dig what Sneakerfiles is sayin about the list vein transcenders, but V C set a bar so high, it's ridiculous. And somebody said that without Jordan there would be no vince. I didn't see any dunk vince did that was a blatant resemblence or imitation of Jordan. the closest one was the two hand long jump. I can remember three dunks Jordan did that were the exact same to Dr. Jay.

    People are glorifiers of Jordan may be a bit swayed in his direction… But honestly, through trendsetting, impact, and flat out bounce, the list should be as follows…

    1. Dr jay (first to do it)

    2. Webb (5'7?!?!)

    3. Nique Wilkins (power Dunkers stand up)

    4. Jordan (grace, him and Nique can flip flop)

    5. V c

    6. Dwhite Howard

    7. Jason Richardson

    8, 9, &10. They are correct as is.

    If you agree, lemme know.


  20. yall forgot nate robinson btw.

    com on man, VC is my luv, his dunk contest drag me into basketball~ hes easily in top 3 IMO!

    how da hell hes no.7?! whoever making this list is hilarious, ridigulous…

    dwight howard?! how can he be in tht front? he sucks IMO, hes freaking tall, wht cant he do if hes tht tall?! Nate win over dwight howard all day easily…

    dont wnt to read the numbering no more, trash.

  21. SF ? what in the world ? VC at 7…..are you kidding me.

    if it wasnt for this guy doing and what he did then the dunk contest would be boring as hell from 2000 and up.

    this guy defined the greatest dunks you can do with the ball and no props.

    one of the greatest dunkers in the dunk contest hands down.

    this man definitely deserves a better spot then 7.

  22. if this list is about being a "trensetting" dunker then VC should be in the 3 4-sho, cuz if u listen to the commentaters that do the dunk contest, they always relatin current dunk contests to this one cuz of the excitement n creativity that was brought by mr.carter up there……regardless VC is the best dunker of all time PERIOD

  23. VC shoulda been the best dunker of all time. How can you put him in 7? you guys been smoking or something. Sprite ya em brasses us…. ya hating of Vince, no doubt about that

  24. VC was the best ever, no one close the next four or five would be: Nique, MJ, DOC, DThompson

    Vince's dunk over Weiss was the best I have ever seen and I have watched dunks for almost 50 years, plus the 2000 dunk contest was also the best