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TOMS Shoes x Element Skateboard Drop In South Africa

Join TOMS Shoes x Element in South Africa

TOMS shoes has completely redefined the meaning of a shoe “drop.”

TOMS Shoes is the first brand to donate one pair for each pair sold; “One for One.”

TOMS Shoes and Element are giving us the chance of a lifetime to fly to South Africa and lend support to the first shoe x skateboard “drop.”

TOMS recently teamed with Element to create the “One for One” shoe x skateboard concept. For each TOMS x Element shoe x skateboard sold, one will be donated to a child in need outside of Durban, South Africa.

In October of 2009, a select group of individuals head to South Africa to deliver Element skateboards and pairs of TOMS Shoes to underprivileged youth.

To those wishing to join the cause: create a 1-3 minute video or write an essay composed of less than 1000 words explaining why you wish to go.

Click here to enter to apply and join the cause!

Click here to see Bill Clinton explain the history of TOMS; including how the “One for One” mission prevents permanent and severe foot diseases:

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