Tinker Hatfield Nike Headquarters

Tinker Hatfield is without a doubt a legend. He has designed many classics for Nike and Jordan Brand that are loved still to this day. What if you had a chance to meet him and tour the Nike Campus in Oregon? Would you take it? Of course, it’s a rhetorical question. But what seems like a dumb question can actually be a reality. CharityBuzz.com is auctioning off a chance to meet with Tinker Hatfield and tour the Nike Campus.

Winner of the auction can invite one guest to visit with Tinker at Nike’s legendary VP of Innovation, in the advanced innovation area at Nike HQ in Beaverton, Oregon. At the end of the session, Tinker will present you and your guest a limited pair of sneakers in your size signed by him. After you will go on tour of the Nike campus and receive a Nike employee store pass.

Currently the bidding is at $3,850 and the estimated value is at $5,000. If you would like to place a bid, visit here.