Tinker Hatfield Interview

Our good friend Joe from Complex sat down with Tinker Hatfield for a one on one interview. In the interview, Joe asks Tinker how is it to work with Michael Jordan, design inspirations, and feelings on Bape. Check out the interview [Here].

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  1. nice interview. good idea of jordan XI from a lawn mower?wow! tinker is a genius .

  2. Very cool interview. I'd like to go into his closet and see what kind of limited Air Force Ones, Jordans and Air Maxes he has.

  3. Great Interview and Very Interesting…….My fav comment from Tinker:

    "There are all these remakes (meaning … retros) and people are digging the remakes because they can actually participate in the remaking. I have to say I have a lot of limited edition Air Force Ones and Jordans and Air Maxes in my own closet. I think it’s really fun to wear them, and you can sort of put your own stamp of style into those kinds of shoes. It’s kind of a love/hate thing for me. I kind of hate it because it makes it harder to sort of convince people that this new kind of product is better than the old one, when they love the old one so much. But it’s kind of cool that they love the old one so much, and I was a part of that. So it kind of goes back and forth with me."

  4. Also, the XX3 is one of the illest kicks out of the Jordan line…..definitely TOP 5. Cant wait to copp them all. Madd props to Tink!