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Social Status Diadora B. Elite X Pic Release Date

Social Status x Diadora B. Elite ‘X Pic’ Release Date

Social Status has another collaboration set to release, this time teaming up with Italian brand Diadora. The model picked is the Diadora B....
The Good Will Out Diadora N9000 SPQR

The Good Will Out x Diadora N9000 ‘SPQR’

The Good Will Out has another collaboration coming which is apart of their Roman Empire Collection with Diadora. Marking their third edition, we...
The Good Will Out Diadora Roman Empire Pack

The Good Will Out x Diadora ‘Roman Empire’ Pack

The Good Will Out is the next store to connect with Diadora for a special pack paying tribute to the Roman Empire. Known...
Titolo Diadora Intrepid 5 Almonds

Titolo x Diadora Intrepid ‘Wedding Almonds’ Widely Available Tomorrow

Titolo and Diadora are coming together once again for a brand new collaboration. The two will debut the Ttiolo x Diadora Intrepid ‘Wedding...
Afew Diadora Highly Addictive On Feet Lookbook

On Feet Look at the Afew x Diadora V7000 ‘Highly Addictive’

Germany based retailer Afew is teaming up with Italian footwear company Diadora for a new collaboration. Known as the Afew x Diadora V7000...
Diadora N9000 III White Peach

Diadora N9000 III ‘White Peach’

Diadora is giving the N9000 a slight makeover for Spring and Summer 2017. Specifically, we will have the Diadora N9000 III ‘White Peach’...
Diadora Colombo Pack N9000

Diadora Colombo Pack

Diadora is starting to release another pack known as the Diadora Colombo Pack. Included are two pairs which is the Diadora N9000 and...
Diadora Capri Pack V7000 S8000

Diadora ‘Capri’ Pack

Diadora is set to release another pack which is inspired by their home. Specifically, the pack is a tribute to the island within...
Hanon x Diadora V7000 Midnight Express

Hanon x Diadora V7000 ‘Midnight Express’ Release Date

Hanon has another collaboration set to release, this time they have connected with Diadora. The outcome is the Hanon x Diadora V7000 ‘Midnight...
Diadora V7000 NYL II Dust Blue

Diadora V7000 NYL II ‘Dust Blue’

The Diadora V7000 is a classic model from the brand which is releasing once again using the NYL II edition for the warmer months....

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