Don’t forget to watch the CNBC special on Nike featuring our boy Melo from the hot spot barbershop in Chicago Kutz N’ Kickz. Melo was exclusively picked by CNBC through Sneaker Files. Have your T.V.s ready at 10:00 P.M. PST, 1:00 AM EST on CNBC.


  1. Jus seen tha broadcast. Basically it was for cats that don't have any idea about tha inner workings NIKE/JORDAN. Pretty much everything they showed, I awready had knowledge of. A nice piece still. Tha foreign workers part was interesting…

  2. i just watched it. It goes into the legacy of Nike and some problems in the vietnam factories but at the end they talk to a sneakerhead who has the sikest collection of cheks and Js i have ever seen… It was veryy good, i wanna see it again

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