In very early April we brought you a look at a rather limited edition Nike Air Pippen I- “Sunrise to Sundown.” While that colorway was executed rather nicely, OG sneakerheads know that, sometimes, OG colorways just can’t be beat. To that extent, we would like to remind you that the white/black-metallic silver Nike Air Pippen I pictured here is being retroed and will release tomorrow, Friday May 7th, from Nike retailers nationwide.


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  1. COPPING DEFF!!!!!!!! a bit too pricey but theyre worth it. Atleast these wont turn yellow :p

  2. why is this shoe called the "air pippen 1"? It's not the first Nike shoe he rocked–not even close. I can remember at least 3 nike commercials with pippen featured where he was endorsing a Nike shoe before this shoe ever came out. For instance: There was the time warp commercial where he wore the flight lights, 1994 I believe. I remember because I thought the commercial was so cool I went out and coped the black/green/purple pair. Again, why is Nike rehashing these lame shoes? Where is the air command force, the 2nd or 3rd flight light, the Air Ups, The Soloflights from 92-96 (any of them would do)? The re-releases lately have sucked….the air carnevore is a perfect example. No one rocked those shoes back in the day because they were lame and nothing has changed.