Release Reminder: Air Jordan IX RetroThe OG Jordan IX is back at retailers tomorrow, August 7th.

They will be a General Release and not hard to find, some store had even brought them out 1-2 weeks ahead of time. Retail will be $150 as always.

Release Reminder: Air Jordan IX Retro

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  1. the worst jordans ever made the quality is poor and the meterial is not worth $150..just wait till they $100 people dont beleive the hype

  2. dude listen to your self….you sound insane….you should be medicated….i agree their not worth 150 cause if u got em jb gave you a steal…. this guy!!!!….let me guess….we should get alpha ones instead huh????

  3. If you don't like jordans dont buy them…but fuck fusions and all that other bullshit…if mj didnt rock the model on the court its garbage…