Release Reminder: Air Jordan 11/12 Countdown Pack

Tomorrow marks the date of the official release of the Air Jordan 11/12 Countdown Pack which will see the Air Jordan XI (11) “Bred” and the Air Jordan XII (12). However, eBay and other outlets have came through to deliver another way to get the Countdown Pack aside from waiting in line. 

Air Jordan Countdown Pack #10 – Collezione 11/12
Release Date: 12/20/2008
Style: 338149-991
Air Jordan Retro 11 Black/True Red-White
Air Jordan Retro 12 Black/Varsity Red-Cement Grey
Retail Price: $310.00

Release Reminder: Air Jordan 11/12 Countdown Pack
Release Reminder: Air Jordan 11/12 Countdown Pack
Release Reminder: Air Jordan 11/12 Countdown Pack
Release Reminder: Air Jordan 11/12 Countdown Pack
Release Reminder: Air Jordan 11/12 Countdown Pack
Release Reminder: Air Jordan 11/12 Countdown Pack
Release Reminder: Air Jordan 11/12 Countdown Pack

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  1. sick shoes

    but on serious note, the world economy is falling apart, Gov are throwing money at bigger macro issues, and we are praying that Green Tech is going to save the our a$$ from job losses and potential Great Depression, people still can drop 300+ on shoes.

    In 1 year you can probably buy this pack for like 150 the way things are going and collectors looking to pay bills and buy food. Housing prices must and will go down. Shoes is nothing more than another asset bubble to pop

  2. i wouldn't count on anything y'all are sayin about prices droppin for these packages. yall are prolly just butthurt that the package date got bumped up and you kids don't have your christmas money to spend on the package. smh

  3. RayJ

    Please Im not a parent. Second I very good with my money and saw this asset bubble pop 2 years ago.

    Third, if you can READ ( hopefully Obama can help USA education) I said, these packs will drop in price in year or 2 easily. Those resellers on ebay are fools to think you can sell this more than face value + tax on these in year or two. Thats why smart ones are trying to sell & dump asap.

    You honestly believe that USA consumers especially sneakerheads can afford 100+ dollar sneakers where USA is head for 10% unemployment and drop in asset pricing ( such as housing, Dollar, etc…)

    Right now Economy is just running on fumes, until real retraction occurs in 2009. I hardly believe Shoes, even Jordans have REAL montery value such as gold or US Treasury Bond????

  4. 500$ for 2 pair of jordans they better make you shit gold i loooooove jordans and jumpman kicks but c'mon man how can a sneakerhead like me afford 500 dollar shoes 250 apece….i bought the second retro jordan 11s red abd blacks from finish line for 124.99 and now why are the remakes more expensive?!?!?!?!

  5. maan, i was so close 2 gettin 2 2s. any1 got em n a 8.5 thats not sellin em 4 an outrageous price. hit me up at man i dont give a dam im gone get my hands on these. probably 2 pair. 1 2 sell n 1 2 wear

  6. Oh and in 10 years we will be wearing lasers or hover shoes on our feet. And some of you are going to have a closet full of plastic and rubber to pass down to your kids. I will too! But they all will be worn and enjoyed and taken good care of.

  7. Jordan Retro 11's make me drool.

    One of the teachers was wearing them during the student-teacher basketball game.

  8. ^ thanks John. I am just trying to help the young men just like me. I thought for days after I started collecting and was so close to double copping, until I realized all what I wrote above. By all means, some people "got it like that". Personally, I still live with my parents and go to school. The point I am trying to make is…enjoy the sneaker hunts and try to get a pair for yourself, if you are certain to turn a profit, buy them and sell quick. But please don't double cop or triple cop for collections unless you have money and college money saved for your kids. I said before that I wasn't being pimped, I take that back! I am being pimped too!! But in return I have enough sense to pimp my shoes and wear them to enjoy in public. Also remember not to spend NO MORE than retail price for sneakers. Prices are already inflated BS as it is. If they don't cross your path then don't stress, give it time, there's always ebay. And like I said, limited ain't all that "limited". There are always celebrities and stars and factory owners friends and family who collect as well. Only thing is they are getting them for free, while guys like me and you pay for them to get them free!

  9. i am hoping i can get these online rather than go outside in the cold and risk getting jumped for them.

  10. spider is a dick because there is nothing wrong collecting sneakers if you think about its kinnda smart cause the market for sneakers is big i could pay 150 for jordans that come out tomrrow and then sell them next week and double my profit see everybody has there vice I know sneakers are mine and what's the diffrence when people spend a lot of money on video games phones etc people are going buy what makes them happy you live life once just enjoy it

  11. spider those must be fake shoes or you got some little ass feet because my motorsports were 240 but i had them in october and my uncs were 250 but i had them nov 3rd in a size 13 from off ebay.

  12. lol man…dudes done brought subject of the economy into this and everything..thats funny..i agree tho..but on other hand…ive known about countdown packs since last year…so i just saved accordingly…anyone who buys packs instead of taking care of priority(rent,food,etc.) is a FOOL any way…i will be copping my 2 pair in the morning thats $648 bucks…:)….

  13. yall boys bitching need to get yo money up. i aint rich but i handle my business and look good doing it draped in the finest attire

  14. you know if you order overseas its already the next day and you would get them quicker because they have to get flown over here and in the us its snowstorms all over and the shipping will get delayed. trust me. i ordered those citron sizikes off ebay and it took about 10 days from a person in the us and i got the cool grey ones from in hong kong and it took 4 days so if you order them i stateside; i guarentee you it will be a few days after christmas before you get them so if you want to rock them asap youll need to wait in line or get them from overseas sites

  15. they do that every damn time.all those sites get busy and dont let you order nothing.thats y i didnt wait to get them online.they aint reliable

  16. these shits better not sell out on eastbay, footlocker, or champs, oh and even foot action ..

    my ass has had that countdown clock open since like 10 am this morning..

    ain't this a bitch..

    I really don't feel like goin to the store and waitin in line..

  17. Man, I wasn't even going to get them till i saw some kid at the mall earlier today with them on his feet already. now i'll be there right in early!!

  18. ive been trying for almost 1hr now.. it says sold out.. air jordan brand is fucking with people.. why dont they just back order it.. mafawking brand.. hella expensive too.. shittt

  19. i dunno what the FUCK is wrong with jordan brand.. ive been clicking for an hour.. i aint sellin on ebay.. i just wanna cop 1 fo myself.. FUCK.. now its all sold out.. if i cant cop this shit.. i aint coppin no mo j's my entire life.

  20. it wouldve been fucking alright if i didnt fucking wait.. i waited for a yr. then for an hour.. then started to fucking click order.. fucking kept calling.. michael jordan is laughing in his ass fo sho.. i get it now.. this shoe is fuckin anticipated all over the world.. how could it be sold out? they just wanna sell it fo mor papers.. greedy ass

  21. I am really really getting pissed off with the way this shit works, just to buy some shoes I like, I need to get in a ring and go 12 rounds with some wise-apples trying to make a buck off a quick turn around. All I want in 1 pair for the o-price I cant get shit.. Really if I ever met those people that buy 10+ pairs just to make a profit, after my ah and amassment of all their Jordan shoes I would Break your f—- knees in with a stick made out of rolled up jordan boxes. Wise-apples

  22. look forget all that hoopla about the economy.yess its bad i think we alll kno this but this right here was a big day for us jordan fans…the 11's r pretty much the best and when they come out its gona b big and folks is gona spend jus like keep it movin wit that bad news bears stuff and talk sneakers…

  23. Just so everyone knows ..

    Eastbay, Foot locker, Champs , Footaction..

    Are full of shit ..

    Go to .. they just posted their 11/12s .. just ordered mine size 11.. i think this shit is gonna go fast.. so you guys should get on it .. ASAP.

  24. I called eastbay's customer service line instead of the main phone # on the cover of the catalog at like 11:56…got right through since the web page was f-ing up. Got me 2 packs for 633.95 im sellin one pair of the 12's on ebay size 13. enter Item # 320326575459 in the search bar 3 day listing $230 or best offer. Holla

  25. you've gotta be kidding me! i sat there for an hour doing the midnight release, and then finishline releases them two hours later? that's crap! and some fool on niketalk assured us that finishline would open up 20 minutes before midnight.

    sigh… i guess i shoulda taken it to mean midnight PST… goodbye XI/XII… doubt JB's gonna restock…

  26. My feet are frozen and I feel like ass, but I have my package and that's all that matters, time to get ready for the xx3's.

  27. mann got my kickz.. i waiting in line for 8 hours.. i was the 2nd person in line.. it was crazy in the mall to.

  28. Got mine early size 13 i was first in line got em cause i knew the store manager and got in the store a hour early get on ya game fellas

  29. anyone in ft. lewis/tacoma/puyallup/lakewood area in washington i got a 10 looking to trade up to a 11, 11.5, 12. hit up the board

  30. man i'm tired as hell… i was 2nd in line since 4 am and i got the only size 12 they sent our champs. defiantly taking a break from sneakers for a good month

  31. In Puerto Rico all Champs,Footlockers and Footactions have it…like 15 store total….For me just wakE up at 7am drive to my spot with reggeatton and buy them..already put on hold!!! No line No cold only a good and nice tropical morning…All package this years has been the same…so you all have to step up your sneaker game……Represent PR!!!!

  32. Just got mines. If u live in B-more hit up DTLR on Pennsylvania Ave. They still got 'em. Hurry up!!!!!!!!!

  33. man i just got mine i just got the only size 12 in flint mi at a finishline store man these shoes was so limited! but damn! they got one size in with all the shoes ! im so happy and the 12s do looooooooooook better in person im so happy!

    bka jamar all day!

  34. stood in line since 2:50am here in tacoma, wa. our finish line got like 88 pairs. smh to the people who were sluffin' and got there at like 5:30am thinkin they were gonna get their sneaks.

  35. Man i put my shit on hold last night slept in til 10went picked my shit up 425 put it wasnt shit for ur boi. ds tha xi already got two nd tha dmp's nd that concord six rings ya digg. all this bullshit about economy fuck that i aint feeling it cuz i still go my wife her $450 coach purse ya digg get ur money up!!!!

  36. Woke up at 8 drove to my spot on L.I. New York sat in my car till 9:40 then stood in line for 30 mins when people started to show up my dude who runs the store oped the doors I wenrt to the side counter handed him my money and got my size 12's no sweat.

  37. man does anyone in the the bay??????? cause my 10 in the breds are hella tight but my taxis are cool………… is anyone trying to trade a 10 1/2 in the breds for my 10??????????? if so hit my yahoo…….

  38. as a matter of fact…… does anyone trying to buy my breds cause i dont want them………

  39. crazy. dem shoes lead to many fights outside da mall. i got 3 pairs though. dey sold out about 8 in da morn. now i got da O.G. Breds, 01' Breds, and dem CDP Breds. Don't forget ma O.G. Taxis and ma new ones. FOR ALL OF YALL THAT SUPPORT THE FUSIONS, TEAMS, OR MIXTURES, YA MAKE ME SICK. IF IT ISN'T NUMERICAL JORDANS YOU AIN'T TALKIN DA REAL DEAL! EAST OAKLAND CALI SHOW ME LUV!

  40. Sp1der,shut Up U Thik U No Everythig I Didnt Call On U 2 Speak So Keep Yo Hand Up Until Spoken 2.Im Jus Gettin Da 11s Screw Da 12s

  41. Got mine……and paid the extra to have them shipped…if you didn't get em…YOU MUSTA died!!! ((oo and by the way imma gyrl!!))

  42. i waited 365 days for that shit.. and spent an hour clicking the keyboard and callin the dam stores… all i get is sold fuckin out.. BS! screw AJB

  43. man can some body give me a pair js 11 12 countdown pack sz 13 pleas i reaLY DONT HAVE THAT MUCH MONEY IM BROKE PLEAS HELP ME KNOW U GUYS JUST GOING TO LOL AT ME BUT WHAT GOES @ COMES BACK