Friendly reminder for those of you planning to purchase the Air Jordan Spizike Fire Red Package, they are going on sale tonight. As I type this you can wait in line at the Jumpman23 which is the official website. To refresh your memory retail is $295 and you get the Fire Red Jordan Spizike, Jordan Messenger Bag with detachable iPod case. They will start taking orders at 4:00 P.M. Pacific Time and 7:00 P.M. Eastern Time. Enjoy this official Jordan Spizike video that Jumpman23 made.


  1. I really don't feel that these are a caliber sneaker. There are many other Air Jordans that are more worthy than these. I love these don't get me wrong, just not an online phenom worthy.

  2. yo them babyzz iz hard to get.. to complicated to buy….so umm middlefinga to the situation…. they gotta email u why????


  3. So much for limited as of the close of their "store" they still offering a full size run & are going to run the sale again tomorrow. If this was any other shoe it'd be gone instantly. don't get me wrong i do like it but i don't want to be forced to buy some bag too. i really think they are gonna get "the picture" on this ordeal. Peace. 1.

  4. This doesn't make sense $295 for these if it wuz another sneaker it would be diff. I mean their sick&all but not worth all this:]


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