Release Date Reminder: Air Jordan 11 IE Argon

August 4th 2007, the Air Jordan 11 IE Argon Blue will release. Two pairs will drop today the Air Jordan 11 IE White/Zest/Argon Blue/Light Bone and Argon Blue/Zest/White. If you like the Argon Blue, but think the pair on the left is too much, then the predominately White pair is your choice.

I know a lot of you are waiting for the Patent Leather Jordan 11 to release, and if so you will be surprised in 2008. Also to update everyone, check out the official Air Jordan Release Dates page.

Release Date Reminder: Air Jordan 11 IE Argon
Release Date Reminder: Air Jordan 11 IE Argon


  1. Everyone's alway's crying for 11's but no one's coppin. What's going on? I don't want to hear it from you people. This is your chance.

  2. i skooped up tha white ones 2day…..

    nothin really special about them….

    but the price is nice tho….125 wit taxes aint bad

  3. It's an original design, there's even patent leather version's and they're more comfortable than the mid's. I don't get it. Oh yeah I almost forgot, ya'll rather wear fakes to break neck's cuz it's no longer hip to wear the real thing. Ha, I come from a place where you'll get beat up and your fake's cut in half with a knife and you'll be sent home barefoot. It's been done.

  4. The true 11's are the O.G. high tops.

    The one's that came out in Space Jam.

    The Black and white ones are the greatest basketball shoe ever created.

    If you want the "reel 11's" save your money until they come out again in June '09.

    Now if you'll excuse me…I have to go attend to my hemroid I got from not breathing out when I weight lift. Breathe when you lift folks…BREATHE!!


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