Reebok Iverson Answer or Question 14?: The Legacy Continues

Although some websites are calling these the “Question 14“, only two models of the Question’s released, the Question 1 and Question 2. Since Reebok left off on the Reebok Answer 13, we believe this is a first look at the Reebok Iverson 14.

By the look of it, the Reebok Answer 14 features black leather uppers, adequate ventilation across the sides, the infamous Question logo on the tongue, red pipping and a white midsole. Overall, they look like a performance shoe rather than a lifestyle.

Two scenarios could be; 1. Reebok likes the “question” name more and wanted to continue the line under the name. 2. Reebok is simply naming the shoe “Question 14” due to it being 2014. Either way, we will wait for official word from the brand.

Expected to hit retailers this September.

Reebok Iverson Answer – Question 14

Reebok Iverson Answer or Question 14?: The Legacy Continues

Via EUKicks.

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  1. they need to go back to the drawing board on these: the outsole/midsole and tongue are outstanding but that side-panel/mid-section is horrible