Reebok 25th Anniversary Freestyle

With the Holidays right around the corner, Reebok celebrates the season with a 25th Anniversary Freestyle. This Freestyle pair features Swarovski Elements and metallic colored snow flakes with white satin on the inside of the shoe. Quantity is going to be very limited, but they Colette is one of the retailers that will be selling the 25th Anniversary Freestyles. Via Sneakerobsession.

Reebok 25th Anniversary Freestyle
Reebok 25th Anniversary Freestyle

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  1. Ummm….i like some Reeboks (pumps, questions, answers) and all, but these r wack! Pls tell me these r for girls

  2. ^ Come on man, what kinda dude would wear those. Of course they are womens.

    LOL – I remember watching workout commercial of girls in leggings and some RBK freestlyes.

  3. I'll be getting those in my shipment from Reebok tomorrow. Fresh for the ladies this winter. Goes with that new song that goes, "Reeboks with the Straps!"

    Also Getting the Pump Graphlites.

    Today I received another shipment of the Glow in the Dark Pumps :) Love those shoes!!!!

  4. Got these in stock but they are selling fast. Buy it now today for your lady and I will get it to you in time for Christmas. Only $89 plus shipping from my store.