Puma Clyde Poison Pack

Puma uses bright colors and patterns to create their new Poison Pack which its design is derived from the poisonous tropical frogs that is used to warn predators. Three different Clyde’s are featured in this pack with a textured front on the pair above and on the uppers. The Poison Pack will be releasing next year and will soon be available at Apartment 16. Via Hypebeast.

Puma Clyde Poison Pack
Puma Clyde Poison Pack

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  1. Dem top 2 kicks r tight! Cool concept and educational….now I know which frogs to avoid when I'm stranded and hungary.

  2. i like the last ones but i still wouldnt buy em….not really a puma fan like that anyway…

  3. cool concept i guess, i'm abig fan of pumas too. can anyone here tell me how u can tell the original clyde mold from the remake?

  4. upon revisitation, these kicks r gay…..didn't realize they were shiny….thought they were a pattern print but was wrong….WACK!

  5. these sneakers look a lot better on hypebeast really cool concept rather be wearing deadly frogs on my feet then some deodarant or guitar bullshit nike sb came out with last year