kanye west nike error shoes lebron error samples paul piece player exclusives
Avid collectors of rare sneakers scour eBay non-stop to find unreleased Nike samples, Player Exclusives and oddball sneakers to add to their collections. A recent search resulted in a nice batch of all the above. The seller gives explicit details of how each pair was aquired and the story behind them. Among the handful of rareness are a pair of unreleased Huaraches, made for Kanye West’s “Glow in the Dark Tour”, a few Nike LeBron production errors, and Paul Pierce Nike player exclusives. Also listed are two pairs of rare Nike Zoom Kobe IV (4) SMUs.

Check out all of the rare shoes for sale by clicking here…

kanye west nike error shoes lebron error samples paul piece player exclusives
paul pierce nike player exclusives
kanye west nike sample huarache shoes
nike lebron fairfax error shoes
nike lebron vi error shoes

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  1. How are they fake? It clearly says in the paragragh that they are production errors. Damn, read sometimes.

  2. I'm a laugh if they do indeed turn out to be fake, but why would any sneekgeek want these to begin with?

  3. Now why would I buy shoes which are errors. Also if a shoe was a sample that wasnt released shouldnt that tell you something. The guys at Nike are smart enough to know that it didnt even get released in ,imited number because it wouldnt SELL! Im sick and tired of these suppose to be made but didn't just like the Lebron VI Power Max. They werent made because the shoes are garbage folks!

  4. You can clearly tell from the other auctions they are real. I would agree fakes have ridiculous errors.. but when it comes from the factory its even more rare. Don't hate cuz your a square and only cops sale rack at footlocker

  5. Man those Kanye Huaraches are nice! THat shoe is typical of what Kanye would want his dancers to wear or wear himself. Hope their still on ebay!

  6. Darnit, i have a pair of Nike Air Zoom Lebron IV(wht/blu) with the left L23 symbol upside-down on the strap. Didn't notice til a year later after I purchased 'em, cannot really tell it isn't the right way until you look at both shoes at the same time…(any want a size 9.5 error shoe, i bought it and its a half size too large?)