R.I.P. DJ AM (Adam Goldstein)

Earlier today, Adam Goldstein, better known as DJ AM, passed away in his 7th floor New York apartment at approximately 5:20 PM. Though DJ AM was most know for his incredible music skills, he was also an avid sneaker enthusiast as was displayed by our very own Sneaker Tribute to DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) that was showcased almost a year ago. As most can remember, DJ AM and Travis Barker were nearly killed in a plane crash last year, but were both finally returning to their normal lives after making full recoveries. We, the staff at Sneaker Files, would like to convey our sincerest condolences to the Goldstein family and all others affected by the death of a great individual. Rest in peace, Adam. Please share your thoughts, prayers, and memories via the comments section below.

R.I.P. DJ AM (Adam Goldstein)

R.I.P. DJ AM (Adam Goldstein)

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  1. He seemed to be a very nice guy.This is very sad news. I know he was quite young.My thoughts and prayers go out to his family,friends,and fans.

  2. He's the reason why I bought the Air Jordan Lightning IVs. I saw a pic of him online with an "Orlando Sucks" shirt on when they played against the Lakers in the Finals. I'm from NY but I am a huge Kobe and Lakers fan and he wore that shirt with the lightning 4s. I had to go out and get them. We've lost a very part of the sneaker community and he will be remembered. RIP.

  3. Stupid Mothafucca, thats what you get when you fuck with DRUGS.

    FUCCCK Him, REST IN HELL, you son of a bitch.

  4. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention, I deep throat big hairy cock and never forget to swallow the icing ;).

    If any of you boys are interested, call me @ 646-335-6674

  5. RIP fa real!! Not only was his sneaker game tight his mixtape game was on point!! Get on that and let him here you…Fix ya face vol 1 & 2. Dude can throw down on the 1s & 2s. RIP

  6. I don't really care about what happen to him, I'm more concern about what will happen to all his kicks.

  7. when a true sneakerhead dies I take a pair off ice… since AM preferred Dunks I'll break out some old olives today in his memory.

  8. you people are wack. he OD. why show respect when he didnt even respect himself. you get what you deserve.

  9. yooooooooo he was just on TV like 2FN days ago ………. did a show ……… got home ……….. and fukkin died! WTF !!!

    "Cocaine is a hell of a drug"

  10. doesn't matter how he died, show respect. i saw AM with Jay-Z last October in LA, it was his first show back since his plane crash and the energy was through the roof. it is unfortunate to see him gone so young. my thoughts are out to his family and friends. you will be missed.

  11. Rest In Pease DJ AM.From one sneakerhead to another.I hope there's a sneaker spot in heaven for you.No matter how he passed he was a big part of our sneaker community.Only GOD can judge him RIP.

  12. Rip dj AM, one of the greatest, and if any of his kicks get auctioned off ill cop a pair or too…….and to anyone who wants to say he did it to himself, I want to see you have a near death experance, watch 4 people die, and think to yourself wow that could of been me, and see how you cope with the thought that someone else died when it could have been you, i wanna see any of yous not turn to liqour or a drug for comfort……Hope AM's rockin a pair of zoo york sbs and messin with that crossfader up in heaven…….REST IN PEACE

  13. PSH…REALLY???


  14. hey sean your right man..only GOD can judge him..but wut do u think GOD told him wen he died, "hey adam u killed your by ODing and you spent your life collecting shoes, WELCOME TO HEAVEN!" oh and you cant bring shoes to heaven

  15. I'm with MR. ENCOGNITO on this one. This dude get a second chance at life but fukks it off with drugs, over a b!tch??? STUPID!!!!

    Still, I'm not one to judge so R.I.P. to this cat anyway.

  16. Who gives a rats? Who is this guy? no one will remember him 2 weeks time so let's get moving with the shoe updates!

  17. The above comment is disrespect. You may not know him but anyone who has the slightest clue about sneakers, music and/or pop culture can say that Dj AM was a legend and will be extreamly missed by all.

    I still remember seeing that episode of Entourage where Dj AM beat Turtle to the last pair of Undefeated AF1's at UNDFT Sanya Monica.

  18. Sad when "sneaker heads" don't know there own culture who is this guy c'mon seriously If your gonna call your self a sneaker head and a hip-hop fan fuck it a music fan in general at least know the basics know the people who did it before you and better then you ever could so cut the crap a pay homage to a fallen kindred spirt many many people will remember when he died tell who will remember you, so before you spew nonsensical hate on someone who has just died ask your self what have you done that makes your life or death worth talking about!

  19. Bad enough when you have to read ridiculous comments from fools on here about Jays who didn't even get to see him play… but now read dumb shit from fools here whos idea of hip hop is t pain looool. DJ A.M (properly spelled btw) is a scratch legend. He is from GenX ofcourse I wouldn't expect these fools to kno who he was since this generation is composed of illiteracy and blandness.

    And mad LOOOL at the entourage episode. Them Fuki's was ugly though

  20. man,u gone too soon..eventhough im just starting collect sneaker,i knew him from da news and of course from this site..give my best respect from indonesia for him..rest in peace..

  21. Didn't this dude kill him self That's not really passing away that's ending it. To me it's a waste to be given the opportunity to survive dead just to end your life cause you can't take it anymore.

    I'm sorry but I can't morn this dude he's a quitter. We all have it hard kids should use this as a example of what not to do. His family are the ones to feel sorry for its them who has to live with this guys decision. I hate to be the one who says it but there it is.

  22. If it was truly suicide, then I have to agree with Madblkman to a certain extent. Suicide is not the answer to anyone's problems. No matter how bad things can get in life, we are never given more than we can handle. We all must be strong, rely on faith, and seek support from those who truly have our best interest at heart.

    My thoughts and prayers will be with his love ones that are left to deal with the pain of his death.

  23. WOW.. I just dont get why people feel the need to leave suck ****ed up comments.. The man just past.. If your not gonna pay your respects or leave some kind a comment to help support his family and friends why say anything at all.. To be real I was never able to hear the man spin, but would of love to.. I know he was doing his thing on Friday nights in vegas, but when ever I wanted to go my friends always wanted to hit up other places.. Anyways I remember seeing his MTV video like a year or two ago and think one day my collection will be like his. Either way I have heard nothing but good things about the man and I wish his loved ones the best, cuz I'm sure its hard to go through something like this.

  24. I heard good things as well. But the moment this cat hit that pipe and OD'd, I lost all respect. My heart goes out to his family and friends but seriously, I am not going turn a blind eye to WHY and HOW this happened.

  25. I agree with LoveMyXIs…..this dude had no respect for himself, his family, his friends, or even his fans.

  26. Whoah! Who's posting comments on here and using my handle? The following was not posted by me:

    Steelo Brown says:

    August 31, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    Yea man, them rocks will have you gone!!

    I did post the other comment though. It wasn't a slight at Adam Goldstein, but rather encouragement to the living to not follow the same fate.

  27. I just had to find out. yo Fran…. I know you're not talking about my comment. Lets look at the root of your comment "pay respect". Do you feel the need to respect some one whom doesn't respect them self. Better yet do you respect people who abuse drugs to the point where it kills them. I made mention I have a little sympathy for his family, but that's it. for what ever reason this guy was given the opportunity to live after that plane crash didn't matter to him. He did respect his own life instead he chose to waste it. If that's f*cked up on anyone's part its his we didn't buy the drugs and put them in he's body. I can't separate that and say I'm going to pay my respects, and as far as this kids DJ skills whats the biggest thing he's done throw a party. What about cats like Primo, clark kent, and biz markie. these dude made the game possible. so if you would like to further the debate you may want to take it up with another padawan and not a jedi master Ya Dig….Holla back I dare you…

  28. i'm really disappointed by a lot of the comments left here. First time i heard of him is tonight by watching his tv show on mtv. like a comment made on the show tells it all…(addiction is a disease) people that have never experienced addiction has no room to talk. addiction takes over peoples lives, and a most of the time, it's not something you can just stop…it takes medical attention and a lot of support. Quit bad mouthing someone that had a disease, just think of it has if you had AIDS, and somebody told you to just get rid of it…get over it…yeah, its not easy!

  29. i have to agree with scott. addiction is a disease. much props to him for being clean and sober for 11 years! then getting a plane crash that he survived. and had to take pain meds to get through the recovery couldnt be helping him out on trying to stay clean and sober. Thats gotta be rough! THEN to go on and do his show, gone too far. to put him self in that situation, of being around these kids who have addictions and being around their drugs, he put his issues aside and helped these kids kick the habit, and saved their lifes. recovering from addiction of hard drugs doesnt go away after a few years, its a on going life long battle. he relapsed. and now hes gone. i dont care what any one says. its truly sad. and my heart goes out to his family, i couldnt even imagine. and hopefully the kids he helped get sober, will just see how serious this disease is and can be.

    DJ A.M was, is, and always will be the most amazing person ever!