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Women’s Nike Blazer Black Corduroy and Purple Denim

Nike’s always sure to make its female fans feel appreciated with periodic releases geared towards satisfying female sneakerheads in particular. Shortly after reporting on a Purple Blazer, we now have word of two more. Made especially for the ladies, one of these Blazers comes in a predominantly black colorway with red stitching and a spot of pink on the part of the sole right below the toe box. But the interesting part of this pair is that the material its made of is corduroy with even some patent leather accents. The second of these two women’s blazers consists of a purple denim material with white stitching and a hint of white below the toe box at the front of the sole. For those of you ladies, or fellas hoping to score a pair (or both) of these now, certain online retailers have got you covered.

Via StandardATL.

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