Puma has become a staple in the athletic footwear game as a result of its innovative shoe models and quality dependence. With this “Days Pack” of the classic Disc Blaze, Puma promises to break a couple of more necks as it bestows upon us an eye-popping execution. The “noisier” of the two pairs consists of a yellow, pink, and purple color combination, while the “stealthier” pair is made up of black, grey, and white. Puma most definitely always has your everyday trainer/runner in mind and is making strides to prove how important its fan base really is. Who is looking to find out how this seemingly complementary pack performs when put to the test?

Via HypeBeast.

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  1. I love the disc blaze and would cop the “stealthier” pair.

    The “noisier” pair looks like a fresh prince inspired cw, but so does a lot of puma's.