Pro Keds Crystal Shoe Award

Here is the “Crystal Sneaker Award” by Pro-Keds that will be given to Damon Dash for making what Pro Keds is today.

“The Two Ten Foundation’s 2006 Crystal Shoe Award, designed to recognize footwear and fashion industry influencers, will be presented to a man who grew a cutting-edge footwear collection from a 70s basketball shoe brand” – Damon Dash.

“We created the Crystal Shoe Award to recognize individuals who have had an outstanding impact on fashion, footwear and popular culture. Damon Dash, with his intimate cultural insight, strong business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit, certainly qualifies,” said Peggy Kim Meill, President of Two Ten. “His repositioning of the PRO-Keds line revitalized the brand and fueled the burgeoning influence of pop-culture on fashion. Damon’s inventive footwear and apparel designs enable consumers to differentiate their style, and express their creativity through their wardrobe.”


Via HS.

Pro Keds Crystal Shoe Award