Reebok Answer 10 Las Vegas

2007 NBA All Star game will be held in Las Vegas, and a lot of NBA players already have their shoes designed for the big game. Allen Iverson will will the Reebok Answer 10 for the Special Las Vegas All Star game event. Via Juebankongjian.

Reebok Answer 10 Las Vegas

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  1. iverson these shoes is hot and i have the iverson pumps 2.0 that are black in my room i like them a lot it is cool 2 have some pumps you know so i hope the nugget get out of the first round and when the western confrence and let me hnow when your nuggets jersey is going to be release

  2. Damn man, i want doe' i got da red, blk and gold ones like these, but i also wanted da dever nuggets colors 2. theses or da oudda kind.