Possible Air Jordan 2009 Box

From releases like the Air Jordan 23 (XX3) all the way to the highly anticipated Air Jordan 11/12 Countdown Pack, 2008 has proven to be an epic year for Air Jordan fans. Now that 2008 is coming to a close and the new year is rolling in, all eyes are focused on Jordan Brand to see what they have in store for us in the upcoming year. Jordan Brand’s newest signature sneaker has yet to be given an official name and is still being referred to by many different titles including the Air Jordan 2K9, the Air Jordan 2009, and the Air Jordan 24 (XXIV). Whatever the case may be, we are now seeing pictures of a possible box that the new sneaker will be sold in.

Though it is not certain that this will actually be the Air Jordan 2009’s box, it is possible. As most of us know by know, the Air Jordan 23 (XX3) was sold in a high quality box and came with a complimentary CD from Jordan Brand. Only time will tell what complimetary objects the Air Jordan 2009 will come with, and if this really is the housing of Jordan Brand’s anticipated newest sneaker. Though the box is not in the typical shape we are used to seeing, it is a nice little change that might help make your decision on whether to cop or not. Via JJB.

Possible Air Jordan 2009 Box Possible Air Jordan 2009 Box Possible Air Jordan 2009 Box


  1. i aint gon hustle for the shine or for the gator on buttons. im gon hustle like im broke and never picture the dollar. drink up in blue jeans and a white tee, fuck poppin a collar. i cant tell ya bout ballin out but i can tell ya about bein assed out.

  2. What the hell does the description on the box says ?? It has to be the official name!! Are there better pics around ? Greetings bruno1978.

  3. does the box even matter. its not like ima wear the box on my feet ima wear the shoes. but not these shoes. cuz they suck.

  4. the fact that many people find these ugly ..

    is more incentive to rock em ..

    At least your gonna be wearing shit ..

    noone else will ..

    and for the record ..

    The 24's would looks straight with a better colorway ..

  5. As a former shoe salesman, this box is going to be a pain in the ass to try to run into the wall in the backroom.

  6. F*** the box worry bout the shoes. I don't care if my shoes come in a shoe box or a tool box long as they tight.

    Punjibiballar- the colorway needs changed and the high heel needs changed….basically the whole dam shoe needs changed. I'm waitin on those Penny 1/2 Cent Fusions an those Jordan CP3 II's Holla

  7. I'd rather have a normal ass box to fit with all my other shoe boxes. Just put some Jordan graphity an a couple jumpmans on it and I'm good

  8. IDK Bout This Box, Id Rather Buy The shoes in a plastic bag lmao…..

    but the 17's suitcase is the rawest box a shoe will EVER be sold in…..

  9. don't care what the box looks like.

    Ppl don't wear the freakin' box, just give me a nice shoe and stop increasing the damn price!

    $190.00 is just insane. Jordan Brand is crazy!