Nike Zoom Lebron VI - White / Red / Black

A few days ago, photoshopped pictures of the Nike Zoom Lebron VI were posted all over the internet, but actual pictures of the upcoming White, Red and Black color-way have been leaked. With a reported release date of September 1st, 2008, the White, Red and Black is said to be a limited release and an all Black model will be releasing in December, so stay posted for more info. Via nt.


  1. need clear pix, 1s were alright, 2s were dope, 3s were awesome, 4s were awesome, 5s look cool ballin shoes

    lebrons line is pretty good

  2. Woo, The first Lebrons that I like other than those damn "Fruity Pebbles/Family Size". Those were dope, lets hope these VIs get some dope colorways. The Vs colorways were wack. Peace

  3. got all the lebrons…these look sweet too..but agree with thug4lyfe…160 bucks for shoes is beginning to be too much

  4. These Ar Fiya A must copp, cant wait 2 see other colorways, but they need 2 be in the 110 120 price range if they gonna really sell.

  5. I didn't like the V (but it had some awesome colorways though that made up for the over all look), but I can see the VI working if it has some fresh colorways.

    Don't see a Yankee colorway working for the VI's lol

  6. I think retail for these will be around $140. However, I'll be waiting to cop these for around $100 in early 2009!

  7. dno about u guys but i dont like em. looks like a pair ud cop at payless. theyre too simple, they need something in the white area.

  8. they shoes are aight, but everyone's right. 160 is so not right for this shoe. a price range of 100 to 130 will be alright… but man, they don't look expensive to me unless these shoes GOT SUPER GREAT COMFORT. I MEAN SUPER. which, has not yet happened. the most comfortable shoe i've worn is the kobe trainers.

  9. I don't know…I agree with the other person that said these bare a resemblence to the old Penny's. These just don't seem very inspiring to me. Maybe other colorways will make this shoe look better. There is just way too much going on over at Jordan Brand this fall for me to really care about these.

  10. Hard to judge from this pic but they don't look like a top of the line shoe (which Lebron's should be).

    Also, the toe looks exactly the same as the Wade shoe.

    What's with the Swoosh? It looks too wide/weird. It reminds me of vintage nikes where the tail of the swoosh wraps around the heel.

  11. yeah they gota a penny 1 feel that print on the upper that goes under the swoosh on the ankle looks like the one from the penny, but the shoe in person may say otherwise

  12. honestly they look like some Pippens or something. i guess the different colorways will make me like it or not.

  13. These are the only lebrons' that have ever impressed me! I know the pic was a bit shakey but the overall look and design is tight. They do remind me of the pennys', that's why I think I like them so much. If anyone can tell me where I can find some of those pennys' in a 10.5 I'd appreciate it. They are in my top 5 all time shoe but can't find a pair.

  14. i got mad love for lebron…but his shoes have been a bit sketchy for me (i liked the lebron 2). This Lebron VI is niiiiice, imo. When i first saw it i thought it was a fusion of the old air penny. hmm.. this joint is mean

  15. is that a carbon fiber swoosh?

    and a woodgrain piece across the upper?

    lebron is trying to show off his "baller" sellout status. i like stuff made with carbon fiber, but i'm not getting these. they look like ass…not in a good way either.

  16. i gotta see some more and clearer pictures, but so far these look hot. and if the white area of the shoe is foamposite, consider these copped!

  17. great looking hoopin shoes…i think lebron has the best current nba player sig line right now! i mean all the shoes look pretty good (not like all the other shoes)….and they perform great on the court. I will not pay more than $110 for these though.

  18. i agree with dudes sayin they remind them of pennys…i agree….penny always had the best kicks next to j's to me and it seems like lebron is gonna be that dude now. i been feelin most all lebrons shit include'n the soldiers.

    lebron > kobe as far as being the jordan replacement killer.

  19. first off let me say these are the first lebrons that i even considered copping…(the 3's and 4's were ok to me but def wouldnt buy them) im a classic nike basketball shoe fan and i think thats why i like these…clean..simple…and they look light and comfortable….good job bron bron…you might have a convert over here…lol..(we'll

  20. Those look wack as hell.I hope this is just a prototype.The Lebrons 2,3,5 were tight as hell,The lebrons 1,4 were gay.The Soldier 1,2 are better then this.

  21. Those are not the new lebron 6's I have seen them first hand . There's a thicker black sole and the shoes contains a inner and outer shell for comfort and durability . The have a patent leather strip goin over the base of the laces and contain a new type shoe lace based of LeBron ear jacks for when he comes to the games . They are sick !

  22. im just now noticing but son these r fake…aint no nike swoosh where the top of the swoosh is just as big/bigger than da bottom???

  23. yo 2 I am Mee…

    how u get 2 see them firsthand??? n r there any pictures on the web cuz the kicks u describe sound CRISPY AZ HELL!!!

  24. yo people the nike swoosh isnt looks like, look at it closely. the nike swoosh is sepereated from teh little black strip under it. so it blends in and looks liek its mad thick but its not…..

  25. dummies these were the old previews of the sixes the real ones are now out at finishline,eastbay,footlocker,etc.

    P.S they are awesome take a look they are 140$ I WILL COP with them!


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