Nike Zoom Kobe V (5) - Make Sense

After the great success of the Nike Zoom Kobe IV (4), Nike is continuing the signature line with the Nike Zoom Kobe V (5). This time, the shoe comes in a “Make Sense” edition, which rocks a white/purple colorway. The white based leather upper features a metallic silver swoosh with purple stitching flywire on the side panel. A white midsole contrasts the black and purple sole, which features extra durable rubber compound, or XDR. Of course, you can find the Lakers Captain’s signature on the back heel to complete the shoe. Look out for these babies soon!
Nike Zoom Kobe V (5) - Make Sense

Nike Zoom Kobe V (5) - Make Sense

Nike Zoom Kobe V (5) - Make Sense
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  1. if these are over $60 smh.

    they look like a payless shoe wit nike stamped on it

    n i think i jus threw up all over my keyboard

  2. U.Beezy is right. Kobe's whole sig line is a damn joke. These right here sealed the deal. How does the best player in basketball today have some of the lamest shoes???????????????

  3. when kobe starts droppin 50+ in these, all of yall are gonna be sayin "these are sick, best b ball shoe ever" personally not my cup of tea. seems to me nike is not giving kobe any respect, they're pumpin the lebron kix which are fly, but kobe has the hardware, nike must think lebron is gonna get his ring this year again! he aint even gettin out of the east this year with that monster of a team the celtics have. GO LAKERS!

  4. Clearly this is some kind of joke. This ugly "tennis" shoe that looks so generic just puts Kobe Bryant's whole sneaker line to shame. I mean the Kobe 4 was the hottest sneaker in the basketball world last year with the Hyperdunks. Awesome color, flywire tech, patent leather. This sneaker has nothing. I'm pretty sure I can find this kind of shoe at Payless.

  5. OH! i heard about this trade. Andy Roddick and James Blake for Kobe. He must just be getting ready for next season…

  6. damn, kobe what happened to the strap i saw on the first samples, well its not like it would have helped any way, i thought the shoe had potential as a sample because i saw spots for improvment, but now it looked like nike should have kept this in its closet of bad ideas.

  7. ugly…i guess we know nike like lebron alot more casue his new shoes is one of the best ive seen this new kobe is the worst ive ever seen…come on nike

  8. Saw these in person when i was working a basketball camp at the Nike Campus

    An employee was testing them out in a black purple and yellow color way they look nice but doesn't look like a basketball shoe.

  9. Worst Kobe shoe ever. I wish they would just keep releasing the IV. Last year him and LeBron were neck and neck as far as whos signature shoe was better, but I think Bron's about to take this year after seeing this.

  10. kobe acts like marbury, u know he sell shoes for basketball, for 15$, cause i dont really think somebody gonna pay more than that.

  11. wow, these don't look nothin like basketball shoes. Damn Kobe, u gotta tell Nike to get their acts straight. The Kobe IV's were WAYYYYYYY better than the LeBron VI's in looks, weight, and performance, but the LeBron VII's is WAYYYY nicer than these.

  12. HOLY CRAP THOSE ARE SO FUGLY. Didn't know kobe needed to wear Grandpa shoes. Referee shoes look better than those.

  13. WTF! yo this to be joke .

    look like some lame shit @ jc penny

    Lebron gets a new uptempo AND KOBE GETS a cheerleader shoe HA who you think nike is more interested in .

    but cant hate the kobe 4 are the shit

  14. friggin shoe is a low top?! How in the hell can "the best player in the NBA" (I dont think he is, but thats what ppl call him, Im a Lebron fan) wear a damn low cut shoe? They look like some Nike Bowerman series cross trainers!

  15. this has to be a trainer shoe these arent kobe 5s dont even try to scare us like that. im sitting here mad right now

  16. these r okay but this isnt the final pair go to google type in nike zoom kobe 5 the final pair is way sicker

  17. damn whats up with this kobe cant wear these. maybe these could be the kobe walking shoes but not for bball. i dont know what nikes doing with kobe cuz hes the best in the game and lbj comin out wit some crazy air max shoes, those should be kobes man lls

  18. why dey keep doinb m n***A kobe like this….FiNALS MVP…. and gets a pair of prowings as his shoe 4k da season… lebron gots some nice ass shoes but him and shaq are not gettin outt of the playoffs in da east.. So nike pull theze garbage a*s shoe and give 1 of the GREATEST player to ever play the game the respect they gave MJ…. LAKERS #1