Nike Zoom Kobe IV (4) - MPLS

Since debuting the Nike Zoom Kobe IV (4), Kobe Bryant’s newest sneaker has featured interesting concepts and themes ranging from high school player exclusives to villain look alikes, but this model is expected to be seen on the feet of number 24. The sneakers are modeled after the Los Angeles Lakers’ MPLS throwback jersey, a color combination often seen in the Zoom Kobe series. Made up of the traditional blue, grey and white, the Zoom Kobe IV is treated with Kobe’s logo on the tongue in purple and checkered laces. No word on official release date yet, stay posted for more information. Via Marquee Sole.

Nike Zoom Kobe IV (4) - MPLS

Nike Zoom Kobe IV (4) - MPLS


  1. The only thing I don't like about this shoes' design is the 10,000 lines that are on the sides. Don't get me wrong though, tight shoes! I think those lines work on the hyperdunk but not here.

  2. these are weak. i like the kobe 1's and the hyperdunks, all his other shoes have been blah. shoes just got no personality. plus the tongue is too fat.

  3. Nice colors for a AVERAGE shoe. If it wasnt Kobe wearing these, we'd all be speaking the truth of how AVERAGE of a shoe these are. A low top??? Come on, Its BASKETBALL were playing, not Soccer. They remind me of a 70's throwback cheap CONVERSE shoe. Wheres the NEW Technology and full ankle support like a GOOD basketball shoe is suppose to be???? No wonder why KOBES shoe sales are sub par. Boooo Nike for taking this long for release and for KOBE OK'ing this shoe. Both NIKE and KOBE should call MJ for advice on and off the court. C+ overall grade.

  4. these shoes suck so much i hate them they fall apart after like 3 days they r so bad i would not sugest these for anyone

  5. The 10,000 lines are actually part of the Flywire Technology that was introduced by the Hyperdunk last year by Nike. Fresh. 4.5.


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