Air Jordan XX3 (23) Chris Paul Player Exclusive (PE)

Already an early MVP candidate, New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul is off to a phenomenal year racking up stats in bunches. Paul has been gracious on the court and so has Jordan Brand by creating different player exclusive models for Paul to wear, mainly the Air Jordan XX3 (23). CP3’s away XX3 has appeared on both the Hornets star’s feet and online. The away model features black with teal, conforming to the colors of the road jersey. Paul’s most recent away Air Jordan XX3 spotting was against the Indiana Pacers where the Hornets went on to win 105-103 with CP3 scoring 19 points and dishing out 12 assists.  Thank you to Jacob O.N.O for providing pictures.

Air Jordan XX3 (23) Chris Paul Player Exclusive (PE)

Air Jordan XX3 (23) Chris Paul Player Exclusive (PE)


  1. dis shitz ainit cool…i ratha git some quailty fakes for less than haf da price.

    real talk/git at me holla.

  2. Thoes are the best XX3 PEs yet Btw i am the real 1st comment the guys above me are fucking stupid and FCUK FAKES

  3. JOrdAnKinGofAllYallZ4eVa, youre no jordan king, quality fakes??? go walk the streets with your 23 fusions.



  5. I don't own 1 pair of XX3's. They ain't worth no $230. But I definately wouldn't wear no fakes I don't care how quality they r. These blue pair is tight though just cause CP3 got the only pair. I would pay $3000 autographed though if I had the money.

  6. these are the same but with all other colors, those that I have the color and gray, black and white. Hey You could say that they are the best in the market?

  7. i wish they made these PE more available to the fans of those teams at least…JB acts like they wouldn't sell, or maybe the production costs would outweigh the total sales of the sneakers, but since when is that a problem, look at the crap they roll out that nobody snatches…

  8. got the Titaniums, 2 Allstars, 2 Blacks, 1 Stealth, 1 Old Love, 2 of each in the Legacy Series (UNC, Bulls, Wizards) and 1 of each low colorway…need the Breds to complete the set of 12…get at me…

  9. got the Stealths, and the Chicago's. Both are extremely comfortable, and if i got a half a size up, i would have been tempted to put them to test on a court knowing that they would pass with flying colors. The XX3's are maybe the best Jordans for basketball since the XI's.

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