In just a few seasons, Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets has gone from a lightning fast rookie to a NBA superstar. During his short career, Paul has experienced more than some players do in an entire career including having to leave New Orleans because of Hurricane Katrina. Subsequently, the New Orleans Hornets moved to Oklahoma City and Paul began a new chapter to his career. Upon returning to New Orleans, the Hornets have experienced great success. On November 21, 2008, Chris Paul led his Hornets back into Oklahoma City to face the Thunder. In that game, Paul wore this pair of Air Jordan XX3 (23) PEs that is now being auctioned off on ebay by the CP3 Foundation. This player exclusive features a black upper with light blue accents, topped off with a CP3 logo on the ankle support. This pair is not only game worn, but also autographed by Chris Paul himself. The proceeds of this auction will go to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County. Available now on the ‘Bay! Click here for pictures of Chris Paul rocking the player exclusive XX3 in a game.


  1. o my god those r like the sexyest xx3s yet…them thangs on point bby…fresshhhhhh as helllllll

    ps anybody else hate okc unis?

  2. these r fire.

    and Suikong… why r u posting a fake shoe selling website. r u serious with the air jordan six rings- air force one fusions.

  3. SICK… they should dump the whole CP3 sig shoe and just continue to give Chris sick and ill PE’s of the high end J.’s and JB kicks. His 6Rings have been some of the best as well!

  4. those are illl. wish they wud drop and i will say this again!!! why cant kobe get a shoe like this!!! they are ill!!!

  5. These are by far the best looking 23s!!! Man I would come out of shoe buying retirement for these no matter what they cost. Just freakin awesome!

  6. Air 23 Air Jordans:

    What the fuck??? Do you want us to go to your website so we can get a fake colorway of these shits off of your page, so 1:We dont get them, you get money, or 2:THEY RIP OFF MY FUCKING FEET AND BREAK MY TOE. Sneakerfiles is a website for real shit, not no fuckin flea market!!!!

  7. You are really no better off than New Orleans away. $ 2 trillion trades a day are made in New Orleans that is becoming more and more popular. I have personally been in New Orleans for over 3 years and I have been banking The proceeds.


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