Nike Zoom Fun Police - Summer 09

Nike is notorious for meshing popular styles to create a new hybrid model, the same can be said for their latest creation, the Zoom Fun Police. Taking pieces from Jason Kidd’s Zoom Flight V, Kevin Garnett’s Air Garnett III, and TIm Hardaway’s Zoom Flight T Bug, two new styles have been displayed sporting a contemporary look and consisting of gradient and speckled designs. Although it looks to the past for the build of the sneaker, their is no distinct color-way to determine which team inspired the color choice, but one of the models seems to be leaning toward the Orlando Magic. Release is scheduled for 4/1 and 5/1 with a retail price tag of $88.

Nike Zoom Fun Police - Summer 09
Nike Zoom Fun Police – Summer 09


  1. That's funny dude yo the kid knows his fucking kick son even in my drunk state of mind I know my fucking kicks when I saw these I thought these remind my of Garnett's shoes and the sole remind me of Kidd's jump offs I won't cop them though they look too cheap.

  2. they could've just retroed the garnetts and named the shoe with some random name.. fun police sounds like chips ahoy..

  3. Any kicks with the word POLICE in their name get ZERO STARS from me

    WTF is Nike thinking?

    Not a bad meshing of shoes, but change the name.

  4. don't you cats remember the ads from about '00? but yeah, they should've dropped the garnett 3's and called em air max orbit or some shit…


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