Nike Womens Air Max 90 - Grand Purple / Infrared - White

The Nike Air Max 90 is a classic sneaker model that never fades out of fashion due to the multiple colorways it is released in every season. This time around, the AM90 hosts a grand purple upper with white accents seen on the toe box, mid-sole, and swoosh, while infrared accents are visible via the laces and inner lining. The grand purple/infrared-white Nike Air Max 90 is made specifically for the ladies, and is now available on your favorite online auction site for $78.
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Nike Womens Air Max 90 - Grand Purple / Infrared - White

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  1. MSRP: 95USD

    CW: White/White-Grand Purple-Challenge Red

    Probably on sale somewhere on ebay for 78USD

    Not infrared** :)

  2. yo i posted this to sneakerfiles on twitter and i guess i got to do it again i think more light should be sheaded on miami, dont get me wrong when shoe gallery has its special releases you come through, but we have about 10 other sneaker boutiques like invasion, atc miami, traning camp, soles inc, footsoldiers, culture kings, project 51,cj urban and simons to name a few. miami is one of the premire cities in the shoe game, we have sneakerheads too.