Air Jordan Retro XI (11) Space Jam - New Images

Newer, and even clear images of the Air Jordan Retro XI (11) “Space Jam” have hit the web. Last week, we noted several minor differences between the ’00 Space Jam and the ’09 reissue–chief among them is the royal blue Jumpman underneath the translucent outsole and the heel logos that face different directions. The Air Jordan Retro XI (11) “Space Jam” will hit retailers in quickstrike amounts on Friday, November 27.

Air Jordan Retro XI (11) Space Jam - New Images


Air Jordan Retro XI (11) Space Jam - New Images

Air Jordan Retro XI (11) Space Jam - New Images

Air Jordan Retro XI (11) Space Jam - New Images

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  1. call me crazy but im not feelin these as much anymore. once the icy soles r gone and the patent leather gets scatched, what do u have?

  2. Sickest jb release of tha year by far must cop since I missed em' tha 1st time around in middle school lol…. I only wish jb would get tha hint and stop makin those crazy changes 2 tha retros… They're killin tha brand….

  3. Umm e rock thats the point when 11s start to get old n that icy sole turn yellow the shoe starts to look even better

  4. just got these yesterday and i jizzed in my pants! i get all my jbs months b4 they come out…if u got the doe u can gett anytin you want wen u want $$$$$

  5. Can't wait I'm gettin 2 4 my. 18th bday..n I'm gettin them 4 my man 2 imma surprise him he's not that into shoes like me..shit my whole fam gunna cop..nothin like wakin up b4 sunrise to get sum j's

  6. Must Copp No Less Than 3 Pairs….1 To Rock,1 To Keep In The Vault N 1 To Flip….Treat Da Kick Game Like U Pushin' 0's….Get Ya Money Up

  7. Of course these are hands down the sickest Js ever to be made!!! 1 thing tho….JB hella stupid to make them quickstrike…. does he want a repeat of wat happened in the 90s??? Fans are gonna get shot! Esp in LA (look wat happen wen they won a freakin championship??? Imagine wat they'll do for some kicks??), Oakland, and NY, etc. Wen I copped the 11/12 package, dudes were actin stupid then, gettin arrested, fightin', actin a fool. And they were only the black/white/reds 11s. Image wats gonna happen in Nov. Might no be worth it to camp out cuz some fool is jus gonna run up on you and jack you. Takes the fun outta something I'm passionate about :{ Pep already commenting on how they're gonna kick someone's cullo, etc. Not only that, theres cats out there messin up the shoe game…buying up our ish jus to flip them (usually dudes in there 50s camped out…I know you've seen them, saying its for their kid…F that. No one does that for their kid, I wouldn't… freeze my cullo off for a kid that's jus going to mess them up and not appreciate them).

    hellelua holla back if u feel me!!


  8. I agree with J-MO, people are gonna get f'n shot and robbed for these, it doesn't help that they are releasing on Black Friday either, crazy people are already gonna be out at 4am to go shopping let alone all the sneakerheads that are gonna be out now for these! I agree that they are a multi cop too, need at least 2 or 3 pairs, get em while we can!

  9. shyt imma be the 1st muthafucka in the store to own this hoes again!! I just hope they got better lasting material for the icey sole to avoid this bytchs from turning pisss yellow over time!!

  10. J-MO, i completely agree. I feel like all this BS takes the fun out of collecting Jordans. I want these, but I don't want to F-ing die for some shoes! WTF! Well I am going to try to get them. If I can't, I have no choice but to buy on eBay where some fool is just trying to rip us off. Oh well, that's that game we choose to play. Sigh, I'm getting tired of this garbage.

  11. I agree I've gotten jacked 4 J's before, it's not a nice feelin, and I would die if I got these took

  12. the 27th is my bday to ima get 2 pair before they come out then go to another tore wearin them to get these pair owwwwwwww

  13. 2 paIRS pleAse OF Dis MY oGS loOK RUStY….I GOT wORN oNCE BREd 12'S OG Size 7.5 hOlLA FOR $275. wELL UNLeSS u WanT the OneS dAT aRE coMin out dIS yeAR LmfAo!!

  14. why do some people say i hope the quality are better than cdp 11s.the pictures right in your face.we are in tough times even jb buy low and sell high.but on good note i pre-order some about a week ago yaaaa-dig!