February 14th is not only the celebratory day of love, but to a major population, the day calls for festivities to celebrate the New Year. Chinese New Year makes its way on the 14th next month to commemorate the Year of the Tiger, and to continue with tradition, Nike Sportswear will be releasing another special shoe. The Nike Sportswear Cortez Classic comes in a stunning visual design, taking influence from the tiger. The Nike Cortez features a snow white nylon upper and a golden silk-screened tiger stripe pattern, with horsehair added in the mix to really make this shoe live. Celebratory symbols are placed throughout the shoe, but it doesn’t stop there. The shoes are available in a specially designed pull-out box that screams ingenuity. These tigers will release on February 10th in a limited quantity of 200. Let the pictures do the talking.

Via hb.

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