Nike Sportswear Challenge

It’s no secret that sneakerhead circles everywhere often place a large emphasis on continuity and adherence to a proven model when pondering what the next purchase is going to be.  A brand’s fan base often fluctuates in response to decisions such as whether or not to use the same material on a future retro version of an already popular and well-sold shoe.  But we can always trust Nike to dare and make several of those kinds of decisions on a daily basis.

This time around, they’re bringing back the Nike Sportswear Challenger originally introduced to the sneaker world during the 1970’s.  The shoe’s sleek look includes suede material near the toe box and heel, as well as mesh and nylon interspersed in-between.  And Nike’s ode to the OG feel it hopes this re-released Challenger reminds its fans of comes in the form of a yellowed midsole- of course, made perhaps most famous by the second wave of the original Nike BTTYS series.  In conjunction with a sole evidently praise-worthy for its traction and grip, this retro release might be the shoe of choice for the athletic and constantly active fan. Regardless of whom you’re buying them for, these kicks can be scoped out at Colette. Via Weekly Drop.

Via WeeklyDrop

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  1. Im usually more a fan of really loose fitting shoes like dunks but I actually really like these. especially the green