Nike SB Zoom Tre A.D - Back to the Future | Marty McFly

Highlighting this years Nike SB November 2008 line-up is the Marty McFly Back to the Future Zoom Tre AD. Similar to the exclusive McFly Hyperdunk released several weeks back, this Zoom Tre A.D consists of grey paneling, turquoise splatter and accents, and a glow in the dark swoosh, ultimately resulting in a futuristic looking sneaker. Alongside this model will be Super Hero/Villain Pack, P-Rod 2, Zoom Harbor and Blazer Low. All can be found now at CCS.

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  1. i wont really care about back to the future shoes till i see back tot he future shoes! i want my power laces!

  2. these r fuckin sik ass bitches…im gonna rub some soy sauce all overs these mofs when I get em

  3. I know the Nike SB Zoom Tre A.D is supposed to be released after the Holiday season in November which would mean after thanksgiving. Considering that thanksgiving is quickly approaching, I need some information on where I can find them. I don't care about the Price or how far I might have to travel to get them just bless me with some knowledge on where I can find them. Peace.


  4. COPPED. soooo fresh. the glow in the dark swoosh is so nice it works so good. colors are a little darker, still fresh. gota rock blue laces though, they come in whites.