Earlier this summer we reported that the third installment of Paul Rodriguez’s signature sneaker- the Nike SB Zoom P-Rod III would be popping up towards the end of the summer. We now have word that certain retailers in fact have this shoe in stock and ready to go out to the public. At first glance, some of the incorporated differences between the P-Rod III and his previous P-Rod’s I and II include an all-around sleeker design. For example, the sole is evidently more narrow and the tongue less bulky. The shoe also consists of a predominantly white leather base with black accents near the heel and check, and even a hint of red on the lace holes. Topped off with the iconic skateboarder’s signature, Nike certainly is paying a lot of attention to and doing a great job with continuously expanding a skateboarder’s shoe to appeal to athletes and non-athletes alike. Seeing as how certain retailers are already equipped with these bad boys, NOW would be a good time to check in with your local Nike SB retailers before it’s too late to get your hands on them.


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  1. look dope. def good for skating.. but what really needs to happen is fresh, simple, yet contrasting colorways!

  2. I've had these for about 3 weeks now, by far the sickest p-rods to come out. first of all there is virtually NO tongue, however nike still left the mesh on the inside which is pretty cool. also, on the tongue, the lace hole has the nike sb logo printed on the front, a nice edition. also, in my opinion, much more comfortable than the previous 2 p-rods. the whites are so fresh, and since they are all leather they are easy to clean. i was never a fan of p-rods but these are so nice. look out for the all red suede and leather ones coming out as a September quickstrike.

  3. I WAS interested in the red suedes, until I picked these things up and felt them, weak materials, and yeah, absolutely no tongue….the fat tongue is what set SB's apart…..I instead grabbed a pair of new castles still sitting on the shelves…F blue box SBs!!!!!