Nike Europe Black Neon Pack

When Nike releases a few pairs of sneakers that devastate sneaker heads, they turn around with something fantastic. But with everything there is a catch, which we will get to later.

This is the Nike Europe Black Neon Pack, and in total three Nike’s are involved: Air Trainer 1 and AM90, and Shox NZ. All consist of Black patent leather, carbolic pattern and mesh. If you are wondering about the catch, as of now they are a exclusive release to Europe, which should of released already. Via Kix-Files.

Nike Europe Black Neon Pack


  1. FU*@! One of the hottest pack this year and I have to either wait untill they hit the states and pay an arm and, a leg for em' or, order them, pay a semi-reasonable price for them but, pay out the ass for shipping & handling. Never the less(or more for sh*#'s sake),they're worth it, period. The colorway on every model in the pack are straight fire. This pack is definitely a must have. 5 *****'s outta' 5.

  2. Hi people

    im searchin for those air max 90s neon which was released in europe in the europe neon pack!

    Can you help mi to get one of those?

    Or if you have one can you please give mi the order nummer on the sole? inside sole?

    THX in advance

    Nativo SmokinGun

    [email protected]

  3. im desperate to get hold of these Air Max 90's in this colour, i know this is an old thread but can anyone help???


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