Nike Dunk High Vintage - Celtic

It has been quite some time since Nike re-released the Celtic Dunk High, excluding the Europe exclusive retro, and now Nike is bringing one of the simplest and nicest colorways as part of the Vintage Series. A big plus to many will be the nylon tongue originally used on the mid-’80s Dunk high. Available now at Hanon-Shop.

Nike Dunk High Vintage - Celtic
Nike Dunk High Vintage - Celtic
Nike Dunk High Vintage - Celtic
Nike Dunk High Vintage - Celtic


  1. again with the first akbar, though I didn't agree with the racist comments yeaterday.

    These are okay, but nothing new.

  2. Man, Id love em minus the yellow but ill take em. Its all in how u rock em, some people will be able & some wont. Its boils down to what ya gonna sport with em. Ill be giving em a good home & enjoyin that nylon tounge, yesssir. Peace

  3. ^^^^^

    What yellow?

    These joints is hard, I just saw a green lantern shirt that would go perfect with these…

  4. Oh and the homosexual joke was any better Muston Parry? Ive dated arabs b4 Muston theyre all messed up in the head trust me. Two things that pisses them off, calling them gay or insulting they're country. so why not both.

    Finally something I can wear with my Paul Pierce jersey. You don't know how hard it is to find a celtics fitted in a store. Gotta go with online.

  5. now these i can fuck wit..FINALLY, i have something to rock with my big cousin's larry bird jersey..AUTHENTIC..from 1985..smooth..a must cop, even tho i'm from NYC..FUCK THE KNICKS!…GO SUNS

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    The shoes are tight! I have a pair of Dunks with the nylon tongue too, they sweet.

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  9. The shoes are nice. I don't think I would go out of my way to purchase them though.

    What I don't understand is all the name calling and e-thugging. Last time I checked this was a site dedicated to sneakers, not e-beef.

    Let's keep it clean ladies and gents.

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  12. To: True J Sneak Fan-

    The yellow im talkin bout is the "yellowing" of the midsoles thats there to give em a vintage feel, like the vintage cortezs, oregon waffles, oregon racers & rest of the nike vintage running packs that came out while back.

    But on another note- Can we please lose the wack internet tough guy routines that are happenin more & more everyday. Its ridiculous to tough guy front on the internet. it just makes people look like fools. I have seriously reduced my visits to this site due to the childish comments on here. I had been longtime reader but enufs enuf, other than that I enjoy the site. I really hope that we can either weed out the people that bring this great site down or convince the webmaster(forgot your name man) to delete these worthless comment. so all yall who are sick of these do ur part & let it be known. mad respect to the real cats, & to the others, just chill out & enjoy the site. peace yall 1


  14. all dunks suck! They just do. Ain't nothin tight about um! You can throw 12 different colors on them hoes if you want, they still just whack. Most of you cats think you really ol schoolin it by rockin these, but they was whack back then and even whacker now cuz it's so many of these cheesy mutha ******. I'm repen T.X. and we don't rock this shit. Some people will fall for anything though, just add color!

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    On another note, I really think we need a sneaker site thats 18 & up or 21 & up. It be so nice to actually have decent discussions about kicks instead of 90 comments of whose mother is the fattest & whose daddy is in what cell block. Mad love & respect to the true sneaker fiends. Peace & RESPECT (don't knock it 'til you try it, its really pretty satisfying.) 1

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