The Nike Dunk high is now unquestionably etched in sneaker culture history- just like the Nike Air Force 1 and Air Jordan signature series. So this news is bound to excite many of you. In August of 2003, a collection of three pairs of the- what is now famous- Nike Dunk Supreme high released in baby blue, red, and orange. For the spring season of 2010, the Nike team has prepared a set of three more Nike Dunk highs that will undoubtedly jog our memories back to those SB Supreme highs. Pictured here is a set of baby blue/white, red/white, and orange/white Nike Dunk highs almost identical to the aforementioned Supremes, except that they are not from the SB line and do consists of the gold stars. Moreover, one more difference seems to be that the orange pair will come in 2010 with a set of baby blue laces, which was not the case with its SB Supreme counterpart. Check out individual pictures of this Spring 2010 collection after the jump, and let us know what you think about these three Nike Dunk highs.

Via HighSnobiety.

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  1. Very creative. Not matchy matchy and that is what makes me like Nike. Recycling color patterns is cliche and boring. Good job, Nike.

  2. LOL at first comment, matchy matchy? wtf ?

    As for the shoes, they're simplicity at it's best (though the lack of creativity is glaring). I'd buy them (assuming they aren't released in Foot Locker, because then you know everyone's gonna be wearing the same stuff as you which is just plain awkward sometimes).

    Thomas, they might've been referring to another similar c/w b/c Nike does tend to re-use the same ideas and colours repeatedly …

  3. They're cool, but couldn't I have just made these at NikeiD if I wanted too? Doesn't seem like there's anything too special about them, unless they have some sort of premium materials or leather… which I can't really tell from the pics.