Nike Air Tech Challenge II (2) Retro Rebel Pack

After the first Air Tech Challenge Retro was released a few years back, many wondered when the Nike Air Tech Challenge II Retro would be released and how close it would be to the original that was released in the ’90s.

Here is a look at the two Nike Air Tech Challenge 2 from the Rebel Pack. Both look very close to the original form and will not be a let down like the first Tech Challenge retro. The Clay model on the left will be releasing in June and the Hot Lava model on the right will be releasing next month, both will retail at $100.

06/2008 Air Tech Challenge II (Rebel Pack)
318408-141 White/Clay Blue-Tart-Granite

04/2008 Air Tech Challenge II (Rebel Pack)
318408-181 White/Hot Lava-Black-Granite

Nike Air Tech Challenge II (2) Retro Rebel Pack

Nike Air Tech Challenge II (2) Retro Rebel Pack


  1. 1stttt!!!

    these are hot

    but if it ain't jordan

    i ain't buyin it

    mj all day babay

    USF's jordan king signing off

  2. Who will be stocking these, I got the purple tech challenges but the sole split very early on these look way more robust and love that colour!11!!!

  3. Nobody better not cop these because your momma will be mad! 100.00 could be useful in investing in a good pair of boxers or socks

  4. wow the first comment, said something like if it's not jordan i ain't buying

    what a looossser

    get a life homie

    these are sweet btw

  5. The Hot Lava colorway is very different from the original. And I dont understand why this shoe is being called the Air Tech Challenge II??? It was originally released in 1989, where as the ATC retros that came out last year were originally released in 1990. They are screwing up the correct name of these shoes just like they did with the Air Trainers.

  6. when those air nike tech challenge 2 are really coming now i really i need like 4 pair or them please letme know my dudes thanks you

  7. the original tech challenge were the best. the swoosh was navy blue and they didnt have an air bubble…please retro them!

  8. Just a heads up, is sold out in most sizes, I been scouring all day hoping a 9.5 popped up, and it did.

    9.5 are in stock!!

  9. copped the hot lava joints when they first dropped I am not really diggin the orange and blue color way for some reason tho

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