Upcoming Retro Nike Air Tech Challenge II

Nike will be releasing the predecessor to the Air Tech Challenge III that was released in a couple different colorways earlier this year. This catalog picture of the Air Tech Challenge features a OG-like White/Black/Pink colorway. A White/Blue/Green is also line-up up for next summer along with the White/Black/Pink version. Although this is just a early sample things maybe change so keep your eyes peeled. Via LilAIPHi at NT.

Upcoming Retro Nike Air Tech Challenge II


  1. thank you nike! so much better than the other ATC's that were recently retroed. i've been waiting for these for too long!

  2. def one of the dopest retro's in a minute, splatter is right behind crack in my opinion,the plastic lace strap on the side is reminiscent of dunk high's and the air bubble is always tight. Even the midsole rubber shape in the front corner reminds me of the JIV's…


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