Nike Air Zoom Flight Five (V) B Retro Blueman Group Pack

Releasing this Summer, the Nike Air Zoom Flight Five (V) B seen above will be releasing in the Blueman Group Pack. Featured, is a simple White, Midnight Navy and Metallic Silver color-way. Not since the 90’s has the Air Zoom Flight V B been released in this color-way and will be a nice addition to the Nike’s basketball line-up. Expect to see these this June retailing at $125.00. Via sole-locker.
06/2008 Air Zoom Flight V B (Blueman Group Pack)
624055-141 White/Midnight Navy-Metallic Silver

Nike Air Zoom Flight Five (V) B Retro Blueman Group Pack
Nike Air Zoom Flight Five (V) B Retro Blueman Group Pack


  1. these look like some cheap ass wal-mart shaq shoes.GARBAGE! But Im sure all you nike dickriders will love….

  2. ill! but i like the midnight navy. yeh, j.kidd should rock these bad boys in big D! just like the good ol' times.

  3. I had these back in the '98(yo!) and I have only one sneaker left…I don't know were the other one is but oh well…I was always hoping they would retro these and now they did.

  4. I have the OG back nubuck colorway. Haven't worn them to play ball in for fear they could fall apart. Have worn them around and they feel great. Time to get a retro pair to play in.

  5. to capt'n backslap, how old r u? milk suker? go home n get some of yr garbage milk. called these garbage?! when these shoes came out, u still lining up in the hell, not out from the hole huh? lmfao!

    defintely copped shoes~ waitting these for years, luving them.

  6. lol, just like i said, a bunch of dickriders. I've worn and thrown away more origianls than i can list. I grew up in the 80's bitches. All the shoes you teenagers drool over i had when they orginally released. I remember having to special order out the Nike catalog cause they didnt carry @ the store in my size. I was the ONLY one in Denver with the orginal Alphas in the philly colorway. School i wear a size 15. Do your research. they dont make fakes past 13's. These are shit shoes. Id wear these to cut my grass, but theres no way i pay 125 for these, and youre stupid if youd even think about it….

  7. capt'n backslap

    who the hell cares about your fuccin catalogs..youre too old for sneakerfiles you insignificant shit

  8. capbackslap getchya bigfoot alphapha cuttin the lawn like a mexican ass john denver ass tap da rockies faget ass eightys baby midlife crisis havin ass pedosneaker file ass outta hea ….. dese shits was them joints and still is born 85 raised queens homie i luved dese kicks and most da sneakers dat came out durin dat period much betta lookin den all da bball type kicks dey got out now

  9. lol i guess your project living ass wouldnt know about keeping up a house redman. that must be where the lawn crack came from. Now go kill your roaches or piss in a stairwell and get off my nutts. the only reason yall are nuttin over these is because it has a nike sign. If this had a starter symbol, or a reebok logo yall'd be all on here calling these the ugliest shoes ever created. its ok to admit your a dickrider, at least youll have an excuse. yall are the reason why nike keeps making shit shoes. if idiots are gonna buy em' theyll keep makin em

  10. Capn Back slop or whatever his name is, is probably a 15 yr old that doenst know anything about shoes. He probably thinks LeBrons are classic.

    SWOOSH! not Nike sign.

    I had the original Black and white ones and are the most comfortable shoes ive ever worn.

  11. its only a swoosh when its a hot shoe. when its GARBAGE its a nike sign. Lol yall try to gang up like the lot of Nike dickeriders you are. I know its swoosh, I was trying to make a point. Dumbasses, thanks for proving it….

  12. Hey dickslap or backdoor slipper or whatever your name is… quit slappin your dick in the backdoor and admit you have a pair and you sleep with 'em just like you always have. I bet you came home from the store and ran up to the corner and back slappin' it in your new gummies. Admit it salomislap!!!

  13. That's more like it shits is hot takes me back 2 the cool kid hallway in school I hope they drope the black one 2 I can't wait 2 swagg them shits out ya digg!!!!

  14. That's more like it shits is hot takes me back 2 the cool kid hallway in school I hope they drope the black one 2 I can't wait

  15. WHEN IS THE NEXT RELASE OF RETROJASON KIDD AIRZOOM FLIHT V B? can u inform me please.. coz i want 2 buy and thats my dream shoes.. after along time..when it did again release here in phils. manila. thanks

  16. These shoes are ugly in away, but thats what makes them Hot, Plus there one of the most comfortable shoes ever. Shit if Kmart made a shoes this comfortable id cop em, But THEY DONT. Capt Fagslap over there is mad cause he cant find his size in em. Hes talking about ordering shit form a NIKE catalouge then turning around and dissin Nike? Dont make no sense, Dudes got Daddy issues, haaaaa


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