Nike Air Max Trainer 90?

Possibly the next hybrid? Well not for sure just yet, but here is an incredible concept of a new hybrid consisting of the Nike Air Max 90 and Trainer called “Nike Air Max Trainer 90”. At a first glance, this hybrid looks like it has more characteristics from the Air Max 90 than the Trainer. Dipped in the true AM 90 classic infrared colorway, only time will tell if Nike will create this model. Via Weekly Drop and Cellophane.


  1. i'd hit these. i love the black/black AM90s i have now, they're so comfy, but god knows i want the infrared colorway, and they blended the air trainers into the mix without messing it up. if these drop for a reasonable price, i'd go right for them.

    unfortunately, this is nike, fusion models are going to end up costing more than they should, but if they hit $90 a pair or less, i'll take mine in ten point five.

  2. yep with u guys. dont really rate hybrids, but these are special. as are the 87/trainers. maybe its a strap thing.

  3. WTF! I love 90s and Air Trainers but not together. Nike, just give us some nice simple Trainers! They're such an awesome under appreciated shoe. I can't remember the last time we got a good release of them. Whoever came up with all these Frankenstein hybrid ideas needs to be fired.


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