We’ve recently seen the Nike Air Pippen sneaker line brought up in sneaker news with the release of a black/black Nike Zoom Flip’N, which borrows cues from the Nike Air Pippen I. Since then, we’ve come across shots of the Nike Air Max A Lot pictured here. This shoe is a hybrid between the Nike Air More Uptempo (as is most evident thanks to the large “AIR” on the sides) and the Nike Air Pippen II (as is most evident from the midsole stripes). With a patent leather upper, this sneaker’s colorway comes in a Rasta-theme. This pair and other different colorway can be expected to release in Spring (reportedly, April) 2010 for a suggested retail price around $88.

Via FlightclubTistory.


  1. What a slap in the face to Scottie Pimpin. Scottie was just as instrumental if not more than Penny Hardaway. And this is how u do him Nike? This shoe is garbage next to 1/2 Cents. I'll wait for the white Pippen Air Max Retro.

  2. This is obviously a tip of the cap to the Lithuania team in the 92 olympics. Their colors and skeleton hand from their uniforms. Designed by Jerry Garcia from the grateful dead. I like, but then again, I have a knowledge of shoes.

  3. nike should take a break from this ugly-ass hybrid shoes.

    better stick to releaising the retros because those were the real shoes. not the twisted crap they are releasing now.

  4. $poiledFeet aka Scottie Pimpin you crazy… half cents garbage? next to foams the halfcents are one of the best shoes in the penny line. these are ugly tho. the color scheme is sweet and the concept looks good. but the form of the shoe is ugly as shtt. a must NOT copp.

  5. I say every gets together and boycotts not only these but a ton of other crap nike is putting out until the bring back Air up, Air g.o. and Air flight one. Oh, and these are almost the ugliest things

    I have ever seen. Pippen deserves something better, lets see his and Pennys Air ups come back.

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  7. As a lithuanian basketbal fan I can also admit these shoes were dedicated to LITHUANIAN 1992 team in Barcelona! nice ones. i want ones. sad we dont get them in Lithuania


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