2009 has been a good year for Nike‘s popular Air Max 95 model. After seeing a handful of re-releases in some of its most adored colorways, (‘Neon’, ‘Freshwater’, ‘Chili’, and ‘Safety Orange’), we didn’t expect to see more of Nike’s mid-nineties staple any time soon.  Fortunately for us, the shoe will continue to see the light of day, taking on its popular “Comet” and “Slate” colorways for a new set of releases. No word on any specific release dates, but both models are expected to drop sometime in 2010.



Via NikeTalk

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  1. The white/blue comets are so ill. My bro use to have them when they first released and i was so jealous. Copp.

  2. I had both of these back in the day, and actually have been looking for either pair for the last year. Now they are re-releasing both pair!! This is the best news I have had in my kicks collecting days in a long time!!!!!